Spotlight Collection DVD Recall

I've received a lot of emails regarding the recall for the Tom and Jerry Spotlight Collection DVDs. I thought about putting this information in the FAQ, but I think it is more appropriate to give it its own page.

Firstly, the where, when, how:

Warner Home Video has announced a disc replacement program for Tom & Jerry Spotlight Collection, Volume 2, due to complaints that some of the cartoons on the set were censored, when they were not supposed to be. For those who purchased Tom & Jerry Spotlight Collection, Volume 2, call (toll free) 1-800-553-6937 and give them your name, address and telephone number. A self-addressed stamped envelope will be sent to you so that you can return the old discs. You'll be sent corrected replacement discs within about 4 weeks. No word yet on the replacements for Spotlight Collection 1. This offer is for U.S. residents only.
The above information was from a press release so things may have chnaged.

Secondly, the why:

I'll update this shortly, but for now, the why is that the DVDs were advertised as uncut, and they were delivered as cut and censored. There were a few other edits to them as well that the fans cried foul over.
I will be expanding this page with more detailed information, but I just wanted to give the phone number out so that people can get the uncut DVDs.
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