Tom and Jerry: Hijinks and Shrieks

Available on: DVD
Availabity: In Stores Now!
Release Date: 2003
Release Location: US


The Features
  • The Flying Cat
  • The Missing Mouse
  • Two Little Indians
  • Touche' Pussy Cat
  • The Flying Sorceress
  • Is There a Doctor in the Mouse?
  • The Haunted Mouse

"How to Draw Tom and Jerry"
Video Bios for Tom, Jerry, Nibbles, and Spike
Jerry's Spooky Sprint Challenge

My Opinion:

The Good
The picture quality is great considering how old some of the prints are. The sound isn't too shabby either. It's in stereo from its original mono sound so for those of us that grew up with them it's sort of an improvement in that it is cleaner. Everything is uncut, for the most part. Just like the previous DVD's Warner Brothers released, you can select Play all and watch all 7 toons straight through. I like the fact that they included 2 Chuck Jones Tom and Jerry.

The Bad
Not too impressed with the Extras. "How to Draw Tom and Jerry", funny looks like the same 2 minute speed drawing from Whiskers Away. Bios cute, but could have been more. Jerry's Spooky Sprint offense to those that made it, but WHY IS THIS ON THE DVD?!?! It looks slapped together and cheap...and I'm going to stop there cause I'm being nitpicky.

The Ugly
Those that were originally in letterbox are still in pan and scan. Jerry's Spooky Sprint Challenge.

Ok I'm not really impressed with this DVD, but the fact that Tom and Jerry are on DVD makes me happy. Plus this DVD does have 2 Chuck Jones era Tom and Jerry's. Anyway, should you buy it...It's Tom and Jerry, of course you should. But, since there is word that a DVD Box set is being worked on you may just want to wait for that. Rating:
3 Stars


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