Tom and Jerry: Paws for a Holiday

Available on: DVD
Availabity: In Stores Now!
Release Date: 2003
Release Location: US


The Features
  • Mice Follies
  • Designs on Jerry
  • The Tom and Jerry Cartoon Kit
  • Snowboy Loves Me
  • I'm Just Wild About Jerry
  • The A-Tom-Inable Snowman
  • Advance and Be Mechanized

"How to Draw Tom and Jerry"
Video Bios for Tom, Jerry, St. Bernard, and Mechanical Robots
Jerry's Winter Wonder Run Challenge
Holiday Melody with Tom and Jerry (Music Video)

My Opinion:

The Good
The picture quality is not as great as it could be. They didn't clean up some of the toons, but most of them are pretty crisp. Everything is uncut, for the most part. Just like the previous DVD's Warner Brothers released, you can select Play all and watch all 7 toons straight through.

The Bad
Not too impressed with the Extras. "How to Draw Tom and Jerry", funny looks like the same 2 minute speed drawing from Whiskers Away and Hijinks and Shrieks. Bios cute, but could have been more, expecially since the Tom and Jerry bios are the same as the previous DVD release. Jerry's Winter Wonder Run Challenge is that same gut punch as Jerry's Spooky Sprint Challenge from the previous DVD but with a winter theme to it.

The Ugly
Time to get ugly. Jerry's Winter Wonder Run Challenge is just plain awful. I'm not sure but it seems that Advanced and Be Mechanized was cut shorter. I can't prove it since its one that I don't remember well. This DVD is supposed to be a holiday DVD, right? Where is 'Twas the night before Christmas? There were only 2 cartoons that had a winter theme to it. The other 5 had nothing to do with any holiday what so ever!

This release seems slapped together to me and it's rather lack luster. The only redeemable quality of this release is that they have some Chuck Jones toons and one Gene Deitch toon. Rating:
3 Stars


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