Tom and Jerry: The Movie

Available on: DVD
Availabity: In Stores
Release Date: 1992
Release Location: US


84 minute movie

Special Features:
+ Get The Picture: ugh! Speed Drawing of Tom and Jerry*
+ Bonus Cartoons: "The Invisible Mouse" and "Just Ducky"
+ The Great Race Challenge: A guessing game with scenes from the movie.

*as seen on previous DVD Releases

My Opinion:

This review is a bit conflicted. My original review of this movie was on the VHS and made many, many years ago, like 1998 or something. It was filled with disappointment and anger...this one, not so much.

I begin this review with much more appreciation for the quality of the animation and a different perspective of the cartoon. So like the vast majority of my reviews I will do the standard, Good, Bad, Ugly breakdown.

The Good:

The animation is smooth and the timing pretty good. Though nothing can top the timing from the originals, this does a pretty decent job. Tom and Jerry don't just chase for the sake of chasing. There is a sort of rivalry amongst them and they are always pushing each others buttons. It's great to see that comradery between them, seeing how the latest releases don't seem to get it.

The music is superb, composed by the great Henry Mancini. Wonderful and fun score. The musical numbers are a bit cheesy but good.

The Bad:

Tom and Jerry talk. That was one of my major gripes when I first saw the movie. But, I hesitate to write this, it works with the movie. This is where I'm conflicted. I don't like the fact that Tom and Jerry talk, but in the context of this movie it works. The first 20 minutes of the movie, Tom and Jerry don't talk. The rest of the time they talk, but it's balanced with the action and the other characters dialoge. I found after the 2nd time of viewing the DVD that I didn't mind at all that they talked. What's really interesting, if you listen to the way Tom sounds, he sounds almost like he does in the old cartoons when he actually said a few words.

The Ugly: Aunt Figg.

Also, the shotty job this DVD recieved. Not much on special features and the movie is not presented in Letterbox. Savages! The video quality, if you are into that sort of thing, is not that great. There is a few bits of dirt and glare on things that I noticed throughout the movie. The animation is great, but not crisp. It's basically TV quality.


Overall, this movie was enjoyable. It's only 88 minutes long. The animation is typical of the early 90's, especially the musical numbers which were pretty much standard on all major cartoon releases back then. It's a safe family movie that can be enjoyed by both kids and parents. Rating:
3 Stars


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