Tom and Jerry: The Spotlight Collection

Available on: DVD
Availabity: In Stores
Release Date: October 20, 2004
Release Location: US


2 disc set.

Disc One:
1. The Yankee Doodle Mouse
2. Sufferin' Cats
3. Baby Puss
4. The Zoot Cat
5. The Million Dollar Cat
6. The Bodyguard
7. Mouse Trouble
8. Tee for Two
9. Flirty Birdy
10. Quiet Please
11. The Milky Waif
12. Solid Serenade
13. Cat Fishin'
14. The Cat Concerto
15. Kitty Foiled
16. The Truce Hurts
17. Salt Water Tabby
18. The Invisible Mouse
19. The Little Orphan
20. Heavenly Puss

How Bill and Joe met Tom and Jerry
"Anchors Aweigh" dance sequence with Gene Kelly

Disc Two:
1. Texas Tom
2. Jerry and the Lion
3. Tom & Jerry in the Hollywood Bowl
4. Jerry and the Goldfish
5. Cueball Cat
6. Slicked-Up Pup
7. Jerry's Cousin
8. Cat Napping
9. The Flying Cat
10. The Two Mouseketeers
11. Smitten Kitten
12. Johann Mouse
13. Two Little Indians
14. Baby Butch
15. Mice Follies
16. Designs on Jerry
17. Pecos Pest
18. Touche Pussycat!
19. The Flying Sorceress
20. Blue Cat Blues

Behind the Tunes: The MGM Orchestra
"Dangerous When Wet" Swimming sequence with Esther Williams.

My Opinion:

In Progress. Rating:
4 Stars


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