Tom and Jerry's Greatest Chases

Available on: DVD
Availabity: In Stores Now!
Release Date: 2000
Release Location: US


Yankee Doodle Mouse
Salt Water Tabby
Tee for Two
Mice Follies
The Cat Conerto
Solid Serenade
Zoot Cat
Johann Mouse
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. mouse
Mouse in Manhattan
Jerry and the Lion
The Little Orphan (Edited)
Kitty foiled
Jerry's Diary

Bonus material:
As a DVD bonus The Worry Song from the motion picture Anchors Aweigh, showcasing Jerry's still-amazing dance with the great Gene Kelly.

My Opinion:

By far the Best DVD Release so far!

The Good:
Of all the releases in the US, prior to the Spotlight Collection, this one DVD stood out as the best of the five DVDs that the WB released. Nothing too fancy. The episodes are clean with a bit of the old prints showing through, nothing major. All the cartoons are top notch.

The added bonus of "The Worry Song" showcasing Gene Kelly and Jerry dance is pure eye candy. The attention to detail in that scene and the fluid animation blow my mind every time I view it. This scene is talked about in detail on the Tom and Jerry: The Spotlight Collection DVD.

I HIGHLY recommend getting this DVD. It is a must for your collection!

The Bad:
The editing of "The Little Orphan". Not too happy about that, but it's something that I can look past. Though it is annoying for those of us that remember the unedited version and something we paided for. I understand not showing it on TV, but I paid money of a DVD that I should have the cartoons in their Original Format.

The only other bad thing about this release is that there isn't much on Special features. Though, the 3 DVDs following this release (prior to The Spotlight Collection) weren't any better with the features. So I'll take what I can get.

The Ugly:
Did I mention the editing of "The Little Orphan"?

Seriously, this is a quality release. Only a few minor gripes, but this is a great DVD. Rating:
5 Stars


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