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Thankful for model sheets.

Posted: November 29, 2009

As promised on this last Sunday of November, I have updated with about 60 model sheets from several Chuck Jones era cartoons.

There is a new DVD release: Tom and Jerry: Greatest Chase Vol. 4:

Greatest Chase Vol. 4 will be released on February 2, 2010.

For those that are wondering about the new Tom and Jerry movie that was announce in January of this year, I have found a plot summary:

The film will introduce the rivalry between Tom and Jerry at the time they first meet. It continues with the pair getting lost in Chicago and must work together on the long journey home.

I'm still cautious about this movie until I see more details. Supposedly, it is being released in 2010, but that could change.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

It is almost Thanksgiving. I can't believe it...2 more days. Where has this year gone?

Well, I'm planning a couple of updates this coming Thanksgiving weekend. But as a prelude to my updates I give you this link: Tom and Jerry Artwork by Oscar Martin

It is a blog in, I believe, Spanish and maintained by Oscar Martin, an artist that draws Tom and Jerry comics. Check it out!


Posted: October 23, 2009

It's October and the leaves are changing color here. The cold is coming...sigh...I'm more of a warm weather person. So, to bring a little warmth in this cooling down season I've added a section for mobile phone ringtones. Yup, I'm making ringtones from Tom and Jerry sounds. Now, before you get all excited there is a small catch: only iPhone ringtones at the moment. There are a lot of phones out there, I know, but I'm starting with one who's format I already know. I'm going to do some more research and see about narrowing down some more ubiquitous formats for ringtones and then add those to the site. This should be interesting.

So, for those iPhone users, head over to the ringtones page and download some tones.

Tom and Jerry on Boomerang

Posted: September 25, 2009

Check local listings! Boomerang is running a Tom and Jerry marathon on Saturday, September 26, 2009!

Pet Personality Awards

Posted: September 11, 2009

I know that this is a bit short notice, but for you London, England Tom and Jerry fans out there Boomerang TV is bringing you the Pet Personality Awards, a fun-filled FREE day in London’s Regent’s Park.

This star-studded event is happening this Sunday, the 13th September – there will be rides, stalls, races, obstacle courses and even a petting zoo! You can also bring your pet with you!

Visit and click “Read More About the Event” to find out how to get there and to get more information.

Sounds like a fun time!

What happened to the summer!?

Posted: September 03, 2009

It still boggles the mind that it's September 3rd. The summer seemed to have flown by. Speaking of time flying, it's been about a month since list I updated.

This month's update is a good on. I have uploaded about 20 sound files! That's a lot! I got sound bytes for you from "Little Runaway" (sounds page 2), The Framed Cat, The Duck Doctor (sounds page 4).

Also I've added 2 new links to the links section: Our friends over at shorToons have a Twitter account, so you if you want to follow them go here: . Also for some nifty games, though none Tom and Jerry related, check out Nickelodeon’s 3d Games.

I've been hunting around for information to the rumored Tom and Jerry movie that is supposedly in the works, but information is non-existent. If I hear anything I'll be sure to post that information.

New sounds

Posted: August 03, 2009

Ah August, a wonderful month for me. Birthdays and Anniversaries! Yippy. Anyway, you are not here for that, but for things pertaining to Tom and Jerry. So this latest update to the is some new sounds! I've been debating about this update for a while, but I can't see a reason not to put them up since the audio track was restored to His Mouse Friday on the Spotlight DVDs. So, now that you know which cartoon I have sounds from, head over here to grab the sound bytes.


New sounds!

Posted: July 24, 2009

So today I had some time to upload some new sounds. I've added 5 sound bytes from "Love that Pup". You can find the new sounds on page 2 of the sounds library.


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