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Posted: February 18, 2008

*insert "Hail to the Chief" music*

Greetings this President's Day, 2008. The update trend continues today with some updates to the Episode guide. I've added new info to the original Hanna-Barbera MGM cartoons section, specifically links to the Wikipedia entries for more details plot synopsis as well as adding credits for each episode.

the edits keep coming

Posted: February 17, 2008

The day after the new design launch, I've fixed a couple of errors that popped up and now have added a new section detailing the Censorship of Tom and Jerry. Hopefully, I'll have a few more things to add to the site today :-] Stay tuned.

I just added 3 new Desktop Wallpapers!
And 2 new images in the picture gallery...more to come at a later date :-]


Posted: February 16, 2008

On February 16th, 2008, the new layout of Tom and Jerry online has been published!

Yes folks! It has happened. In celebration of Tom and Jerry Online's 10th anniversary we have a new design and layout! Not only that, but it's been 4 years since the last design and it has been in need of a new look recently. I hope that you enjoy this new design, I've spent a lot of time making sure that this layout is standards complient (*pats self on back*).

I still have a few things to fix here and there and it is by no means done. I have work to do in the music section, the crew, and the DVD/VHS area. Plus, I'll be adding new sections as well. Plus, the all important updates to the picture gallery. And, shock of shocks, I will be making this updates in a reasonable amount of time. :-]


Posted: February 10, 2008

It's February 10 and it's really freakin' cold outside...have I ever mentioned that I dislike winter...anyway...

I just wanted to let you guys know that the redesign for the site is coming along quite nicely. I'm really excited about it! I'm not giving any timetable for it's completion so as not to rush myself or cause any disappointment if I can't meet it. But, it'll be up soon. :-p

It's Groundhogs Day and the furry little rodent has seen his shadow! You know what that means? DVD news!

That's right we got a plethora of news...well not really, but I got some good stuff for you guys.

Warner Brothers sent me some info on one of their latest releases: Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Presents: Academy Award® Animation Collection 15 Winners ~ 26 Nominees

The Best of Warner Bros. Animation – Academy® Award Winning and Nominated theatrical animated shorts. Category: Best Animated Short Subjects. Franchises include Warner Bros., Hanna-Barbera, MGM, Max Fleischer etc. 41 of the most celebrated cartoons of their time, including 15 award over 60 minutes of special features!

Has something for everyone with characters such as the Looney Tunes, Tom & Jerry, Droopy, Superman, Popeye, Dot, Line & Squiggle, Tex Avery's "Little Johnny Jet", Chuck Jones' "High Note", and Nelly's Folly (the singing Giraffe) and Hubie Bertie & Cat

You can find more information in their PRESS RELEASE

Here is a small Tom and Jerry clip from the DVD:

Tom and Jerry Tales DVD

Posted: January 15, 2008

We are half way through January and that means it's cold outside. Spring is only a few months away and with it brings a new Tom and Jerry DVD. For those of you that enjoy Tom and Jerry Tales, vol 4. is coming to DVD on March 11, 2008.

For those that are wondering how the new site design is coming...I'm still in the design process. I thought I had a good layout, but I was unhappy with it. So it's back to the drawing board.

It's the 9th day of the New Year and I bring you a link to a very nifty article:

Tom and Jerry - The Ultimate Censorship Comparison guide

I found this the other day. This is a great resource for finding out about the censorship that has been done to Tom and Jerry.

Go check it out.

Sad Day

Posted: January 02, 2008

A bit belated, but I was just informed during the holidays that Jack Zander, one of the original animators on Tom and Jerry, has passed on December 17, 2007. He was 99.

You can read more about it here: Jack Zander's Obituary

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