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Tom & Jerry: Robin Hood & his Merry Mouse I just got wind of Tom & Jerry: Robin Hood & his Merry Mouse yesterday. I don't know much about this movie yet, but from what I've gleaned it's currently out On Demand. There's not been much fanfare about it and I've not seen anything from the WB regard this film. Warner Brothers usually has a big to do about Tom and Jerry films, but it's been all too quiet from them. I've also seen a a street date for the DVD on 10 September 2012, but that is only for Region 2 DVDs. That's all the information I have about this release except for the synopsis:

The fur flies again, when Jerry, as the smallest member of Robin Hood's gang, encounters and joins forces with Tom, a feline squire to Maid Marion.

The movie is 58 minutes in length.

New Desktop Wallpaper

Posted: July 12, 2012

During my most recent update to the Episode Guide I took a screenshot of the title card for a Tom and Jerry Tales cartoon "Zent out of Shape". I just thought Tom as a Samurai looked pretty dang cool. So I cleaned up the screenshot a bit and made it into a desktop wallpaper pack. I may make a few more wallpapers in the near future, though I have a lot of distractions right now that may prevent that from happening.

Not much else happening in the world of Tom and Jerry recently. The only DVD that I've heard coming out is that of the Halloween theme I mentioned a few weeks ago. So all quite on the Tom and Jerry front for now.

Minor updates

Posted: July 06, 2012

While updating the Tom and Jerry Episode Guide with Tom and Jerry Kids, I was also doing a little scrubbing of the entire guide. Basically, doing a little sprucing up. I cleaned up some redundant entries and I added screenshots of the each episode's Title Screen.

Also, added a bit of code to the site so that it will be easier for everyone to scroll back to the top. Thanks Pinterest for the inspiration on that!

My fellow fans...I have spent the last month and a half within the jaws of pain and suffering by watching the Tom and Jerry Jerry Kids show so you don't have to. I've been avoiding this exercise for many years, but I could no longer prolong the inevitable. So I held my head up high and watched every single episode of Tom and Jerry Kids and it almost broke me.

However, this venture was quite fruitful as I now have an updated Episode Guide that has a more complete Tom and Jerry Kids Show listing.

So enough of the martyr talk, lets move on to the RANT! I know I'm not the target demographic, but as a fan of Tom and Jerry since I was 8 I feel that I can at least speak into an opinion of this show.

Having sit through a marathon session at times of watching about 3-4 episodes a day, about 9-12 individual cartoons (3 cartoons per ep), there are glaring flaws that I just can't keep quiet about. Let's begin:

The formulaic nature of these cartoons got old really fast, like after the second full episode that I watched. I know, the old cartoons were cat chases mouse all the time, but the quality and how the old cartoons were executed were far and above that simple formula. Tom and Jerry kids were pretty much; chase, destroy, repeat. The Droopy cartoons were pretty much that same all the time, just a different competition or setting. Spike and Tyke were life lessons between father and son.

Spike and Tyke cartoons. Ugh, I just can't believe how badly they neutered Spike in these cartoons. I really appreciate the Father and Son moments of these cartoons, but Spike came off as kind of wimpy at times. Not as rough around the edges as he was in the older cartoons.

Calaboose Cal. The late, great Phil Hartman lent his voice to one of the most obnoxious characters I've ever seen on television. After one episode of Cal I wanted to find where Phil Hartman is buried and repeated punch him. This character had no redeemable qualities at all.

Droopy and Dripple. The writers of Tom and Jerry Kids took everything that was good in the old Tex Avery Droopy cartoons and put them all in a single episode and distilled those gags down for cheap laughs. Every Droopy and Dripple cartoon had that same plot line, same gags. Droopy and Dripple would be more successful in a business than McWolf who then became jealous and try to ruin them only to have everything he does backfire. Or McWolf was some sort of criminal out to get Droopy or Dripple or something and Droopy and Dripple are there around every corner to stop him. A red head shows up from time to time as the object of affection that always ends up with Droopy...or Dripple. The less I say about these cartoons the better, they were by far some of the worst episodes that I had to sit through. I can't believe these segments got their own spin-off show. *facepalm*

Tom and Jerry Kids: Tom is pretty much a greedy jerk in every cartoon. Jerry is always the innocent. The subtleties of the old cartoons are gone as most of what Tom does to Jerry is vindictive.

I think I'm going to stop here. If you made it this far I salute you for sticking with this rant. I could go on and rip this show to shreds, but I don't want to relive it.

Enjoy the updated Tom and Jerry Kids Show episode guide here.

Happy Post Mother's Day

Posted: May 14, 2012

Since I recently reviewed Tom and Jerry Around the World (Buy here) I had a bit of time to review a far older DVD that I've been meaning to review. So in the spirit of Christmas in, I have a nice little review of Tom and Jerry A Nutcracker Tale.

Tom and Jerry: A Nutcracker Tale
Presented in Standard Format

Christmas Television Favorites
Chill Out Scooby-Doo
Tom and Jerry Tales Vol. 3
Christmas with Tom and Jerry and The Flintstones
(Trailer for the DVD that you already watching) and Flintstones Christmas Carol
Dennis the Menace

Journey to the Toymaker Game
It's a maze game with cut-scenes

Spoken: English, French
Sub-Titles: English

DVD-ROM Special Features (I didn't try this)

The Good:
A cute little fairy tale, Nutcracker themed cartoon. It's fun to see these characters do ballet and you really can't beat the Nutcracker Suite as the majority of the background music. Aside from the Tchaikovsky, there is some neat numbers that were added.

I think this is the first time I've seen the Triplet Kittens from "Triplet Trouble" used for more than just cameos

This movie really has a charming feel to it. What is really enjoying about this feature is how much the music is involved in the animation. Yes, there are characters that speak, but more often then not it's the music that "speaks" more and drives the action.

The Bad:
Tuffy's atrocious French accent! BOO! Speaking of accents, the Toy Elf's accent is far worse than Tuffy's. The Cat King, not really liking the introduction of a new villain like that, not sure why they chose a different cat as a main villain, than say, Butch who has always been a foil for Tom.

The Ugly:
The accents! Really! Couldn't someone have found better voice actors for Tuffy and the Elf. The voices of these characters are totally distracting from the enjoyment of this little film.

Overall I like this. It's a fun little movie once you get passed the accents and the cat king. This will have some rotation during the Holidays in my house.

Tom & Jerry: Tricks and Treats

Posted: May 12, 2012

Tom and Jerry Around the World
I know it's a bit early for Halloween, but hey it's something to look forward to along with all the candy! September 4, 2012 is the release date for what I assume is another "theme" driven Tom & Jerry collection. Hopefully, there will be different Tom and Jerry eras than the early Hanna-Barbera and Tom & Jerry Tales. There are some Halloween themed Gene Deitch and Chuck Jones cartoons! As well as the 70's Tom and Jerry. Where's the love!?

Tom and Jerry Around the World
I had a chance to sit down and watch the new Tom and Jerry: Around the World DVD. Below are my thoughts:

English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, ???
English, Portuguese, ???

Happiness Is...Peanuts
Tom and Jerry & The Wizard of Oz
Big Top Scooby-Doo
Dr. Suess Green Eggs and Ham

The Good:
Going on a road trip with the kids? Then take this DVD along with you as Tom and Jerry travel the world! A collection of 22 Tom and Jerry cartoons from the early Hanna-Barbera years and Tom and Jerry Tales.

This DVD continues the "themed" DVD release a la Tom and Jerry In the Doghouse, where the WB collects Tom and Jerry cartoons with a certain theme into one DVD. As mentioned, this DVD has Tom and Jerry traveling all over the world.

The picture quality is great and, well, it's Tom and Jerry. It's not specific to any one era so you have the old with the new, a nice variety.

The Bad:
6 out of 22 cartoons are the early Hanna-Barbera toons, the rest is Tom and Jerry Tales. Granted, the older cartoons didn't have Tom and Jerry traveling globally so I have to cut this release a little slack. However, since there are a few dealing with aliens and space travel where are the Chuck Jones space station cartoons. And why is there no love for any Gene Deitch cartoons. I know a few from the Deitch era that involve space and travelling. What about the 1975 Tom and Jerry's or the Filmation toons that had traveling?

Other than the lack of respect to any other era, I can't find anything really bad about this release.

The Ugly:
Mostly Tom and Jerry Tales oriented, though I can't say that's an ugly issue. My main beef with this release, as mentioned before, is the lack of any other Tom and Jerry era cartoons.

All in all this is a good release, it is a fun themed DVD that you can pop in and enjoy.

More Tom and Jerry Pictures

Posted: May 08, 2012

Well, so going though the picture gallery recently while updated the thumbnails prompted me to get a few more images added to the gallery. A few, meaning 33 new pictures. Enjoy!

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