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Posted: June 4, 2002

I was bored over the weekend and so I was able to do some typing. Why is this important? Well, the fruits of that labor resulted in some information updates to Tom and Jerry. Today is Tuesday, June 4 and that brings you a complete episode synopsis of the MGM Tom and Jerry years. In addition to the Gene Deitch and Chuck Jones years, I now have the early Hanna and Barbera work.

I also went through the links page and cleaned out the dead links. I've added a few more, too.

Posted: May 31, 2002

With today being the end of May and me staying late at work I was able to do some updating. I've updated the DVD/VHS list. Though there are only 3 entries, I plan on having more sooner or later...most likely later :-] But the structure and layout is done.
I've also added 2 sorta new pictures. They were stuck in the news archives and I brought them out.

Posted: May 17, 2002

On my lunch break today the 17th of May, I went through some of my old bookmarks and found this:
Do a search for Tom and Jerry and you will find a sheet of stamps from KYRGYZSTAN. There are 2 Tom and Jerry stamps on that sheet.

Later that day Ok so work is boring and I have nothing to do. So I decided to do some more updates....I've added a new page for DVD/VHS information. I only had time to added the information for the Japanese DVD Box Set. I'll try to get more info up sooner or later.

Posted: April 29, 2002

Well, it took a little longer than I expected, but I finally put up some more info about the video games. As of today, April 29, you can see quicktime movie previews of Fists of Fury. I got the info and movies from IGN 64 many years ago.

Posted: April 12, 2002

Today, April 12, I decided to do a little updating. I've added some more game screen shots from several NewKidCo games. I stumbled upon this stuff when I was going through a backup cd. I have a some Info and more screen shots for Fist of Fury that I still need to put up, so expect that sometime within the next week or so.

Posted: April 1, 2002

I'll spare you guys any Tom-foolery on this, the April the first. Today, I've put up sounds from "The Flying Sorceress". Check out page 5 on the sounds pages and it's on the bottom of the page. Enjoy! Sorry for the huge file sizes on the sounds, but hey I'll justify by saying that it's high quality sound :-]

Posted: March 28, 2002

Well after my rant yesterday I kinda felt bad so to make it up to you guys I'm going to put a few pics up and some new sound files. Look for them sometime in the next couple of days, either tomorrow March 29 or April 1.

Posted: March 27, 2002

I stand on my soapbox to do a little rant today, March 27, 2002.

As I was checking the news this morning, part of my daily routine, I found this article that angered me to the point of writing a rant. Here's a link to the article:,2933,48872,00.html

...on second thought, after writing my rant and reading it, looking it over, and thinking for a sec; I will not post it. I really don't want to unleash a firestorm. So I'll just say this. No cartoon will ever change my view of people or a people group. I'm old enough now to think for myself and form my own opinion. I agree with the Constitution..."We hold these truths to be selfevident, that ALL men(and women) are created EQUAL"...a cartoon is a cartoon, it's not real life. If something offends me on TV I use a little tool called a remote and change the channel. That's my rant, my opinion. I had more to say, but this is a family site. That and I didn't want to get any hate mail. :-]

I leave you with 2 questions to think about...Whatever happened to common sense? Whatever happened to parents talking to their kids about these types of issues? Ultimately, it's up to the parents, NOT TV execs, telling their kids what's appropriate and what's not.

Rome, gets off his soapbox.

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