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Mamãe Eu Quero
Jararaca Paiva and Vincente Paiva

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Carmen Miranda
Carmen Miranda
Sidnei was kind enough to email me some info regarding this song:
"The music 'Mamãe eu Quero' was a hit in the 40's and was sung by Carmen Miranda (that woman who uses tropical fruit like a hat)".

Leonardo sent me this info:
The original title, you know, is "Mamãe eu quero", and it's sung by Carmem Miranda, a very, very famous actress in Brazil (and later, in U.S. too) -- yes, the woman with the tropical fruit in the hat. "Mamãe eu quero" means in Portuguese "Mother, I want", and it's *very* known in Brazil, and I mean very: no Brazilian heard it less than a zillion times. It's a "marcha", or "marchinha", a popular soundtrack composed for the Brazilian Carnival.

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