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Posted: August 26, 2007

It's the last Sunday of August and I have for you a new video clip courtesy of a fellow Tom and Jerry fan. You can find it at the bottom of the Video Clips page. It is the intro to the 1960's Tom and Jerry which aired on TV. The video has 2 openings and 2 bumpers (clips they show for commercial breaks). I've also added a couple links to the shop Amazon page...I've found that they are selling Tom and Jerry Plushies!

On a side note. I've been thinking of a redesign for the site. I'm still in the planning stages for that. It might be something that will be implemented later in the year. I want to make something really cool, but I also want to pack this site with a lot more information. One of the main sections I want to update is the Music section. That section is sorely lacking. Music has been a major part in Tom and Jerry cartoons and I've not given the music section the love it deserves. Mostly because it's a daunting task to do the research :-] I've had people send me music information over the years and I still have that info. I'm going to go through them and see how I can best integrate it in to the site. If anyone has any knowledge of the music in Tom and Jerry or of the crew members involved in the cartoons and is will to share the information with me and the rest of the Tom and Jerry fans around the globe, by all means, email me!

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