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2004 News Archive

POSTED: December 30, 2004

Man! The updates keep coming to the site. I did another addition to the site, one day before the end of 2004.

If you look to the left you will notice on the navigation, in the Information section, that I've added a page called "Release Dates". This page has some random trivia about the various releases of Tom and Jerry. Basically, it's the Episode Guide Cliff Notes.

I'm working on a review for the Tom and Jerry Spolight DVD, but I'm still a little jaded by the release and subsequent lack of recall information that I'm really slow in getting it done. But I'll have it for the site sooner or later.

POSTED: December 28, 2004

With the New Year 3 days away, I decided to add some new info to the Episode Guide. It's not much...but it's something.


POSTED: December 27, 2004

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and that you will all have a Happy New Year!!

I was doing some searching on BestBuy.com, today the 27th of December, and found that there is a new Tom and Jerry DVD coming out. It is called Tom and Jerry: Blast off to Mars. This is the first I've heard of this which bothers me since I still haven't heard anything solid about the Spotlight DVD recall. I've gotten a couple emails that said that there won't be a recall. I can't confirm anything and I haven't read anything recently about the recall. At any rate, there is a new DVD, Tom and Jerry: Blast off to Mars, that's coming out January 18.

With that I bid you all a Happy New Year!

POSTED: December 18, 2004


Well, it's been a LONG time since I've updated this site with some new images. So as a present to all the regulars of this site that have been waiting for some new imagery checkout the gallery for 24 new pictures. I've also changed the gallery a bit...there are more images per page. So if you've visited before and saw that the gallery had 17 pages and now it's down to 13, don't worry. I didn't take anything from the gallery.

I've heard a few rumblings about there not being a recall on the Tom and Jerry Spotlight collection. I can't confirm anything as I have not had the time to do so. Also, I have not heard anything in regards to the recall that was spoken of a few months ago. Things are being kept quiet about it, so it would seem.

Anyway, Peace on Earth, Goodwill toward men (and women).

POSTED: November 18, 2004

Lots of news today the 18th of November so lets get on to it.

I got a couple emails today that I'd like to share. First is this press release:

Hey guys!
Mike B. from Art/Gamexilla here again. I just wanted to drop this press release in your laps, let you know that we & the WB are holding a Hanna Barbera animation contest. I hope you have some space to share this with your readers. I think they would be very excited! If you can share this with your readers, please forward me a link to the story. Thanks!

Ottawa, Nov. 18: Warner Bros. and Gamexilla present Tom & Jerry's Animation contest!

Many of you out there love animation. We hear ya, and are in agreement. Cartoons rock, and is one of the best artforms of expression and communication ever! To celebrate this fact, Warner Bros. and Gamexilla (http://Artxilla.com/Gamexilla) have teamed up, to help our readers really show off their animation skills, and get a little reward for their efforts!

First off, the prizes:
4 winners will receive a DVD copy The Tom and Jerry Spotlight Collection DVD 2-disk set. If you are a real student of animation, you'll appreciate this prize. It features over 40 restored and unedited classic shorts that are breathetaking in their beauty and originality. And really darn funny!

So, how does the contest work?
You can enter one of 3 ways, as follows.

•You can enter an animated piece. It can be hand drawn, or Flash, or CG—whatever you prefer. Doesn't matter. It can be of any character or topic. You can even re-enter a piece you may have used in another Xilla contest.

•You can enter a story board break down. Black and white pencils. If you do this, it must utilize Tom and Jerry, or other Hanna Barbera characters in some form.

•Finally, you can enter a normal drawing, painting, sculpture, or whatever. This too, must contain Tom, Jerry or another classic HB character. You can use any style (ie. If you want to do a realistic version of fred Flintstone as a real Caveman, or Scooby Doo as Picasso may envision him, etc.)

And remember, no GORE or NUDITY in this one (save that for the Species III contest!)

Due to the special nature of this contest, we're giving you 8 weeks to enter. So, you have until Thurs. DECEMBER 16th! Good luck! And don't forget: Enter as many times as you like, and check out our current entries at this link: http://www.artxilla.com/forum/

And how do you enter the XILLA art contests? Go into our FORUMS area, and join up. It's quick AND free! You get access to all the Xilla boards and future contests (some members are picked randomly to win prizes!) Click on the "READY, SET, DRAW!" area, to see all the entries and enter your own. Leave feedback and comments on all the work, and really join the community!

As a special sneak peak, keep an eye out next week at Artxilla and Gamexilla when Warner Bros. will be presenting 2 very special contests. The Batman and The Matrix! More details soon!

Mike Bencic
Executive Coordinator

The Second Email is from Aaron over at the New Tom and Jerry Information Page:

I got this from The Golden Age Cartoons Forum, courtesy of one of its members, Javeman!

According to PaulP from the Home Theatre Forums:

"I emailed Jerry Beck after reading this post over at DVDTalk:"

What would also be cool, is if WB would release the remaining Tom and Jerry shorts as well. As you can see on the linked site, there were 13 Gene Deitch and 34 Chuck Jones shorts made after the initial 114 "classic" shorts, so that could very well be the 4th 2-disc set. And then there were 48 more shorts made in 1975 by Hanna-Barbera, which could be the 5th set (probably 3 discs this time).
"I asked him this question and his reply was:"

Warner Bros. is aware it owns the rights to all TOM & JERRY cartoons - including the Jones, Deitch and TV cartoons. We do not plan to release any of the later post-MGM cartoons on these collectors sets until after theatrical Hanna-Barbera cartoons were all released.

(However, some Gene Deitch and Chuck Jones Tom & Jerry's have already been released on earlier Warner dvds aimed at kids)

So keep your fingers crossed, New T&J Fans! We may just get our break yet!


In other news, I haven't heard anything about the recall disc with Warner Brothers concerning the Tom and Jerry Spotlight Collection edits. When I do find out I'll let you know.

POSTED: November 15, 2004


It's the middle of November and guess what link I have to share. Party Supplies! Yes folks! For those that have been searching for party supplies here is the place to go get them: Fun & Party. Now the site is out of the Netherlands and it is not in English.

POSTED: November 10, 2004

Happy November 10th!

Just got an email informing me of a poll on the UK's Channel 4 website.

The UK channel 4 are holding another national television poll for the uks top cartoons this is the voting system to help make tom and jerry fans vote count (click below)

Vote for Tom and Jerry

POSTED: October 23, 2004

My, my, my! Has this been an eventful week. So, since this is Oct. 23 and the last day of the week, I thought I'd add something to the site.

I've been asked many times about the violence in cartoons and what my thoughts were about said subjet. So I sat down and finally typed out my thoughts and the results are here: The Violence. I know this is a "can of worms" issue. I don't claim to be an expert on violence, cartoons or otherwise, nor am I a psychologist. So my essay on cartoon violence is written from the stand point of my own life experiences and observations. Take it for what it's worth and please don't send me hate mail if you disagree with it. :-]

By the way, I would like to thank all who sent in emails earlier this week and letting me know about the issues with the latest DVD release from Warner Brothers.

POSTED: October 21, 2004

I was searching, today the 21st, on one of the forums below and happened upon Jerry Beck's (Cartoon Historian who worked on the DVD) post:

Warner Bros. Home Video is very, very upset over the edited cartoons that made their way into the TOM & JERRY SPOTLIGHT COLLECTION.

This was a mistake made at the servicing level. Warner Home Video and I became aware of the error only ten days before the official release date - and by then, the dvds were on their way to the stores.

It is part of Warner Bros. Home Video's marketing plan not to release edited or censored cartoons because they know that collectors want them complete.

The company is taking immediate steps to correct the situation. The proper digital masters of all three cartoons have been located and are being prepared now for replication. It may take as long as six to eight weeks to have a corrected disc ready for replacement.

From what I’ve been able to gather, the intention is for fans to be able to replace Disc 1 at no charge to them. I know from personal experience that Warners had a problem a year ago with the film KISS ME KATE. The transfer was not done correctly and fans were upset. Warners responded immediately, created a new transfer and eventually fans recieved replacement discs. It was not an overnight process. But it all worked out in the end.

Those of you waiting for the uncut disc 1 to appear on store shelves, I cannot say when that will happen. It will not happen soon. The quickest way to get the set the way you want it is to buy it now and go through the replacement process.

Despite this inconvience, There is much to recommend on the TOM & JERRY SPOTLIGHT COLLECTION as is. The CinemaScope transfers are amazing, and the never-before-released stereo soundtrack on TOUCHE PUSSY CAT is really fantastic. (Only eight MGM Cartoons were recorded in true stereo at the time and this is the first one to be restored and released as originally intended).

More Posts

POSTED: October 20, 2004

October 20, 2004
The Plot Thickens

I got several emails about my post this morning:

I thought I'd let you know that the missing song lyric is apparently only missing in the stereo track and not in the original mono. There are also several other cartoons that have been edited and there's a lot of talk about these edits going on at the two below sights. Jerry Beck has stated that WB is very upset about these edits and they will be offering a replacement.


From what I heard....
The Milky Waif (1946) and The Little Orphan (1948) are edited because of the blackface scenes, but Warner home video will set up a disc exchange to get the uncut versions The Frere Jacques song from Touche Pussycat (1954) I guess was omitted when the cartoon was dubbed in stereo (dunno why) It also seems that most of the cartoons are of the same quality as you see on Cartoon Network or Boomerang,

Here are some links to forum topics about this:

The Animation Show Forums -> Tom & Jerry DVD Censored!

GAC Forums - Tom & Jerry Spotlight Collection Censored!



POSTED: October 20, 2004

I bought it last night. But my feelings are a mixture of Joy and Outrage.

First the Joy:
I only had time to watch a few cartoons last night, but I was just happy that there was a new Tom and Jerry DVD out that was given a treatment like this...it was LONG overdue.

Second...the Outrage:
I will be biting the hands that feed me on this. I am not a happy camper! I watched, for the first time in my life, the letterbox version (original version) of Touche' Pussycat. To my horror it was EDITED!!!! In the original version Nibbles/Tuffy is painting a goofy looking Tom on the wall he is singing "Frere Jacque". In version on the DVD it is cut! Gone! Nibbles/Tuffy is NOT singing the song! The only semblence of it's prior existence in the film is that the melody is there...no singing. My question is WHY! Why was it cut?!? Please someone explain this to me. Did I get a bad DVD? Or was it intentionally cut? Why was it cut from it's original Oscar Winning Version!!!!!!!! What is wrong with these lyrics:

Frere Jacque, frere Jacque
Dormez-vous, dormez-vous ?
Sonnez les matines, sonnes les matines
Din, dan, don
Din, dan, don
Are you sleeping, are you sleeping
Brother John, brother John ?
Morning bells are ringing,
Morning bells are ringing,
Ding, ding, dong
Ding, ding, dong
This weekend I'm going to try to sit down and watch the set and give a more indepth review. But with this initial gut punch edit, I shudder to think what else has been changed. Man! Is it too much to ask for uncut versions?

Maybe I have a bad copy of the DVD. Did any one else who bought this DVD experience this? Let me know please!

POSTED: October 17, 2004

October 17, 2004
2 more days!!!

That right 2 more days till the 2-disc DVD set is released. October 19 is the day that the DVD will be released. I'm soo happy!

In other news....the girlfriend and I have just celebrated 9 months of dating. YAY US!

Halloween is just around the corner. I know that there are a lot of fans out there that are looking for costumes. I have no idea where you might get them. The only place that I've found anything is here: .

So if any knows where one might find a costume, PLEASE let me know!

Christmas is just around the corner...at least it seems that way since they are already selling Christmas stuff. Ugh! Anyway, if you are looking for that perfect gift for the Tom and Jerry fan, look no further than here: T-Shirt and Charm braclet stuff

POSTED: October 06, 2004

Today is October 6, 2004 and I was doing a little search on the Tom and Jerry Laserdiscs and found someone selling "The Art of Tom and Jerry: Vol III Laserdisc". If you have $300 US to spend, this would be worth it.

Tom and Jerry on Laserdisc

POSTED: September 27, 2004

A bit of news today, the last Monday of September.

My friend, Peter, sent me this link off the BBC. Tom and Jerry have toped the their [BBC] cartoon survey.

Here's the article

By the way, October 19th is soon approaching! Pre-Order the new Tom and Jerry 2-Disc DVD from AMAZON.COM

POSTED: September 13, 2004

Are you having a case of the "Mondays"? (OfficeSpace reference for those that don't know the quote) If so, here is something that will brighten your Monday, September 13...The news you've been waiting for:

Tom and Jerry's Spotlight Collection

POSTED: September 08, 2004

2 days have passed since I last put up a news post. I got some more information in regards to the news post from the 6th of September.

The five volumes of Tom and Jerry cartoons mentioned on your newspage at www.play.com are the region 2 United Kingdom release. They comprise 112 early Hanna-Barbera, plus all 13 Gene Deitch cartoons. (which suggests two missing Hanna-Barbera cartoons, although checking the episode listing, so far the only missing one I can find is The Million Dollar Cat). Volume six is apparently going to contain all 34 Chuck Jones produced cartoons. They definitely include many cut versions, cropped versions of most of the Cinemascope cartoons and several have the 'new' voice of Mammy. They are a start, but far from definitive, and I can't think why they left two episodes out of the collection.

Thanks Andrew to the info!

POSTED: September 06, 2004

Happy Labor Day! (Sept 6, 2004)
[why is is called Labor Day when in fact you are not at your job laboring but at home preparing a barbeque? anyway...]

I got an email that you guys might be intersted in.

Just want to point out that most Tom & Jerry cartoons are now available on DVD. Volume 1 to 5 are released and volume 6 is due for release September 20th.

Out of all the cartoons available on the 3 Laserdisc boxes "The Art of Tom & Jerry", only 4 cartoons are missing, while a number of others are added.


I'm not sure of the cartoons, myself. I don't know if they are cut or uncut. If anyone knows...please pass the information on to me :-]

POSTED: September 01, 2004

Quick note on September 1, 2004.

I got a nice email informing about some programing on the BOOMERANG network. Here's the email:

I just wanted to let you know that BOOMERANG network (from Cartoon Network) shows T&J cartoons in order. Today they played the last 2 "Advance & Be Mechanized" and "Purr Chance To Dream" started again from the 1st "Puss Gets The Boot" with the original voice. They show the same episodes 2 times a day: 130-2:00 Central Time and again at 9:30-9:30CT.

Thanks, Jaime, for the info!

POSTED: August 30, 2004

Just a quick note to let you know that I've added 12 new images to the gallery. Thanks to Kamran and Darryl for providing the all but one image for this update. Also, The images that Kamran sent over are from an ebay auction: 10 production drawings from "That's My Mommy". Click Here to see the auction.

Short notice News:

For those that have the Turner Classic Movies Channel, they will be showing the movie "Dangerous When Wet" with Esther Williams; tonight August 30, 2004.

For those that don't know the movie and how it relates to Tom and Jerry, well there is a segment there where Esther Williams does some underwater ballet routines and she swims with Tom and Jerry. Don't let the title dismay you...this movie was done in 1953, so I'm sure it's clean enough to let your kids watch it...but I've not seen the movie so don't take my word on that. :-]

**Side Note***
I'm planning on updating the site with some new images...I will hopefully have some time this week to do that...but as per usual, no promises. Just know that it's in the works.

POSTED: August 27, 2004

I just got a wonderful email telling me some wonderful news:

there's music by scott on cd by a french label "Milan"/BMG France "Tex Avery Cartoons" (1992) LC: milan 74321 12470-2

I don't know where exactly one might get this CD. I'm going to search for it and let you all know. Thanks, Stan! for letting us know.

POSTED: August 07, 2004

What the heck happened to the summer! I can't believe it is August 7, 2004! I can't believe I turned 28 a couple days ago and I run a Tom and Jerry fan site! I'm such a geek and I LOVE IT!

To celebrate I have added a Forum to the site!

Yup! You read that right. I have added a forum to Tom and Jerry Online. I call is The Tom and Jerry Clubhouse. This will be a place to discuss all things Tom and Jerry. So since this is the initial launch of the forum, you might run into some problems. Please bear with me since I've been working on this thing for the last couple of months and I may have missed a few bugs. Hopefully, things should run smoothly. :-]

So. Enjoy the Clubhouse! And, Please read the forum rules and keep in mind that this is a family site!

Another thing. Thank you all for visiting my little tribute to Tom and Jerry! I really appreciate all the visitors that come here and share in my love for these cartoons.

POSTED: July 28, 2004

Just found out something today, just a few days after my last update... :-]

Cartoon Network has a nifty new Tom and Jerry page. Plus they also have on sale a Tom and Jerry t-shirt!

POSTED: July 27, 2004

Greetings! How is everyone today, July 27? Hope all is well. Here is som news I just got from the Tom and Jerry YahooGroup:

On October 19, 2004, Warner Home Video will release a DVD of 40 classic Tom and Jerry cartoons (including the first T&J cartoon, Puss Gets The Boot, when Tom was called Jasper) called The Tom and Jerry Premiere Collection, the DVD set will also have extras including Tom and Jerry's appearances in the movies "Anchors Aweigh" (with Gene Kelly) and "Dangerous When Wet" (with Eshter Williams). But the DVD will not include at least 1 of the new 1975 New Tom and Jerry cartoons.

As for the site, Sorry for the lack of updates recently. I've been really busy with life and I've been busy with a new feature for the site. I will be implamenting it really soon. I'm adding a forum! Keep your eyes open! :-]

POSTED: July 08, 2004


It's midnight on July 8 and I just got an email with some fantabulous news.

Details of the rumored DVD that Warner Brother's has been keeping very quiet.


Ok, it's a 2-disc set, with 40 Tom and Jerry cartoons. I know, there were over a hundred Tom and Jerry cartoons but the set is promising! Just look at the details. I for one am excited.

POSTED: July 04, 2004

Just found out from my friend Kamran about this ebay auction: 5 original drawings from "That's my Mommy"

Hope those that are in the US have a Happy and Safe Day today, the 4th of July!

POSTED: June 30, 2004

Greetings on the morning of the last day of the month of June.

Topps just released the new 2004 Wacky Packages series finally and recently! Here's a scan of the Tom and Jerry spoof called "Tomb and Buried" (seen on a Welch's Grape Jelly spoof called "Welt's Grape Jelly").

Darryl has been kind enough to send me a scan of the image:

Thanks Darryl!!

POSTED: June 25, 2004

A quick note today the 25 of June.

I was searching around that internet and discovered that Amazon.com is selling a Tom and Jerry T-shirt! Actually...They are selling a LOT of Tom and Jerry stuff. Go there and check it out!

Plus, I was looking for any info on the upcoming DVD release that is being kept really hush hush, when I stumbled upon this forum thread at www.animationshow.com. Very interesting discussion, but nothing solid...DAG NABIT!!!!(shakes fist in the air)

POSTED: June 22, 2004

It is June 22, 2004.
It is about 1:30pm where I'm at.

And it is about time I updated this site....well, I'm working on that. Please be patient. :-]

POSTED: June 01, 2004

Wow June First. Where has the time gone?

Anyway, a quick note today. I'm still working on a forum for this site, so keep your eyes open. But that is not what I'm letting you guys know about. Here's what I'm letting you guys know about:

I HATE SPAM!! Before, it was just a nuisance, now it's gone beyond that. Getting spam is to be expected with a site this large, on top of all the viruses I keep getting, ugh (thank you Norton for catching them all).

There is a site that to help curb the amount of Bulk Email/Spam that hits your email box. The site is:

http://www.ethicalemail.com you can go to this service and register your email just like millions of people did last year for the "Do Not Call" list; they will take you off bulk email lists all over the country. If you appreciated the decrease in your phone calls, this service will work the same. Using the Can-Spam Law, we as email users don't have to wait for the government. This is something they can do for us but they need our help. The government still has no timetable set for a "do not email" list. WHY WAIT? Check out http://www.ethicalemail.com/ and sign up. It is 100% free. If you think this is great pass this along to all of your email acquaintances.

I just signed up today.

POSTED: May 15, 2004

Ah a lazy May 15th Saturday, but some BIG news!

First off: the episode guide now has a search feature to it! Enjoy. Keep in mind that there maybe a few bugs in it and I may improve it a bit. But for now, it works fine.

Secondly: I think I may add a forum to the site. This may take some time. I know, there are plenty of forum sites that I can use, but I'm not going that route. I have my own forum that I can use :-] Anyway...

When will I implament this? I'm not sure. Just know that it is in the works.

POSTED: May 09, 2004


Ok, I've updated the site...I've added 16 new images to the picture gallery and I've added a new coloring image in the coloring gallery.

So enjoy the new images and Happy Mother's Day!

POSTED: May 04, 2004

Just got news of a new Tom and Jerry games. Here's the press release for today the 4th of May:


For Immediate Release Tuesday the 4th of May 2004

Tom and Jerry Triumph
iDTV Glory For Classic Cat And Mouse Double Act

AWARD-WINNING GAME DEVELOPER Denki successfully captures the elusive essence of one of the world's favourite cartoons in Tom and Jerry in "MOUSE PARTY" for Sky Gamestar and Cartoon Network.

The fast-paced, action-packed fun takes place in and around the house and garden common to Tom and Jerry's greatest escapades. This provides the ideal setting for a unique combination of close-shave chases, tense stealth play and extreme cartoon violence.

Players control Jerry who dashes, smashes and bashes his way around the highly interactive environment, using furniture as cover, obstacles or platforms and avoiding cats and traps. Cats are attacked with whatever Jerry lays his hands on, from frying pans and pokers to bowling balls and dynamite. Frantic chases are all the more thrilling thanks to a special system designed to ensure that the cats make challenging and entertaining playmates.

Cats are seen and heard to comically react to Jerry's presence, displaying a range of emotions such as surprise, fear, curiosity and confusion. They are also stupid enough to be encouraged to run into traps or attack each other by mistake. Remarkably, Denki has made a game that's actually funny to watch and play.

Commenting today, Denki's Managing Director, Colin Anderson said: "This has been one of the most successful projects we have undertaken with Sky and Cartoon Network. The fact that it was designed, built, tested, refined and ready for launch in just over nine weeks is quite an achievement, even by our own high standards. Everyone who's played it says it looks and feels like a quality console game."

Sky Gamestar's Senior Games Development Manager, David Bishop agrees: "It's an outstanding treatment of a distinguished brand and a welcome addition to Sky Gamestar's already unrivalled line-up."

Cartoon Network iTV & Mobile Content Manager, Joe Braman, added: "The game is great, challenging, fun, addictive and hits the brand perfectly. I couldn't put the remote down until I had finished it."

Tom and Jerry in "MOUSE PARTY" is live exclusively on Sky Gamestar as of Thursday the 6th of May 2004. Just press the INTERACTIVE button on your Sky Remote Control...

For further information and materials contact Penny Malcolm.
Voice: +44 (0) 1 382 308 645
Fax: +44 (0) 1 382 308 688

About Denki
Tom and Jerry in "MOUSE PARTY" is another pedigree release from the Denki stable.

Formed in 2000 by four industry veterans, Denki excels in making what it likes to call "digital toys and games" work effectively on limited technology platforms such as interactive Digital Television (iDTV), Mobile Phones and handheld consoles.

Denki's own brands include the award-winning sticky blocks 'puzzler' Denki Blocks!, the compulsive Caterpillar Crunch, the distracting Duopolis and the extraordinary yet entrancing Bips!

Denki has also worked its magic on trusted brands such as David Beckham, Atari's Super Breakout, Taito's Bust-A-Move, Namco's Pac-Man, Universal's HULK, Cartoon Network's Courage The Cowardly Dog and Looney Tunes from Warner Bros.


I'll be putting up screenshots and images later in the week.

POSTED: May 02, 2004

It's May!!!
It's May 2, 2004!

First off...sorry for the lack of updates to the site (aside from the redesign). My only excuse is that I've been really busy with stuff that have kept me away from updating the site. Namely I had to reformat my home computer so things are still getting reorganized.

Secondly...I and another fan have a mystery on our hands. He has a drawing of Jerry and would like to know from which episode/timeframe it was produced. You can find the drawing here:

Jerry Drawing 1 - color
Jerry Drawing 2 - inversed color
Jerry Drawing 3 - B&W

Send me an email if you have any info regarding this drawing.

POSTED: April 15, 2004


Ok...I won't bore you with the details as to how I happened upon this. But, Some good news on Tax Day. I was on this site and I figured I'd do a search for Tom and Jerry. To my surprise that had them!!!! So for fans out there that have those new trendy charm bracelets you can now get Tom and Jerry on them.

www.carinacharms.com - Just do a search for Tom and Jerry.

POSTED: April 05, 2004


April 5, 2004: New Redesign Launched!

Hope you guys like the new design! I'll be adding a few more things in the next couple of weeks. One that I think will be really cool and that you guys might really like. :-]

Anyway, Enjoy the new site!

POSTED: April 03, 2004

Some news add the very end of the day of April 3rd....

I've decided on a layout and am proceeding to redo the website :-] fun, fun, fun.

So. With that bit of news you all need to be prepared. Why? Well things will get a bit messy around here when I transition the site to the new design. A note to those that have bookmarked pages on this site: the changes I'm doing to the site may affect you. One big change is that after 6 years of operation I will be getting rid of the splash page. I don't see a need for it anymore...granted it looks neat and I may have it up in some capacity it won't be up to greet visitors when the come to www.tomandjerryonline.com.

Anyway, just thought I'd give you guys a "heads up" in regards to the site and the changes that will be happening within the next week!

POSTED: March 30, 2004

News for March 30, 2004:

I've added 3 new sounds!

You can find them in the Miscellaneous Sounds section on the sounds page : Here.

They are called: leotom.wav, _1237881_hanna_episcopo11.ram, and audio1.mov.


On a side note, I have decided to redesign the site. I don't know when it will be implamented. I have a lot of ideas for the site. I've almost figured out a design for the site. I'll keep you guys posted!

POSTED: March 30, 2004

The news keeps coming today the 30th of March!

Tom And Jerry DVD box art first look! http://www.animated-news.com/archives/00001205.html

I don't know about you, but I'm really getting excited about this.

POSTED: March 28, 2004

Ah the last weekend of March.

Well, for those of you that use AOL Instant Messaging I have found Tom and Jerry buddy icons. http://www.cartoonnetwork.com/aol/buddyicons/. Just follow the directions and you are good to go!

I have a couple of sounds that I will be putting up tomorrow. I'll let you all know when they are up.

POSTED: March 25, 2004

2 things for March 25, 2004:

1. Tom and Jerry made the Top 20 of 100 Greatest Kids' TV Shows. This was put on by Britain's Channel 4. Check out the results here: http://www.channel4.com/entertainment/tv/microsites/G/greatest/kidstv/results.html

2. I know I haven't updated the site in a while and for that I apologized. I'm the process of debate of whether or not to redesign the site or just reorganize it. Plus I've been really busy :-[ I have a few things I can up and I think I'll try to make some time this weekend to put them up on the site. But as always...no promises :-]

I'll let you guys know when and if I've decided on the site redesign and when that will occur and what to expect, and ect. ect.

POSTED: March 16, 2004

Some discouraging news today March 16th, brought to you be fellow Tom and Jerry fan, Dean:

I would urge folks to avoid the new Tom and Jerry DVD's that are being released, as they are butchered versions of the classic cartoons that we know and love - in fact butchered beyond belief. There is a review of the UK version at www.dvdtimes.co.uk.

I would advise people to go for the Japanese versions instead, which are usually uncut, and they are being re-released very soon and can be ordered fairly cheaply from www.yesasia.com - i've used these people before and they are very good.

POSTED: March 03, 2004

Happy March 3!

Well, my life is hectic, but I have DVD news for those that live in Sweden..courtesy of Gabriel:

4 Tom & Jerry DVD:s will be released in Sweden, here is the link for the website that are selling them...(dont know if they are the imported ones from UK or not)

Tom & Jerry - Den kompletta samlingen - Vol 1

If the link doesnt work enter www.discshop.se and search for Tom & Jerry.

Thanks Gabriel for letting us know!

POSTED: February 25, 2004

Ok, lots of news regarding the DVD's being released in the UK and Germany:

First the UK Press Release:

Tom and Jerry Classic Collection 1 Warner Home Video have announced "Tom and Jerry Classic Collection 1" for release on 5th April. Priced at £12.99 "Tom and Jerry Classic Collection 1" includes Tom and Jerry's first outing "Puss Gets The Boot" plus 23 other classics including:

  • The Midnight Snack
  • The Night Before Christmas
  • Fraidy Cat
  • Dog Trouble
  • Puss 'N' Toots
  • Yankle Doodle Mouse
  • Sufferin' Cats
  • The Bowling Alley Cat
  • Fine Feathered Friend
  • The Lonesome Mouse
  • Baby Puss
  • The Zoot Cat
  • The Body Guard
  • Puttin' on the Dog
  • Mouse Trouble
  • The Mouse Comes To Dinner
  • Mouse In Manhattan
  • Tee for Two
  • Flirty Birdy
  • Quiet Please!
  • Springtime for Thomas
  • The Milky Waif
  • Trap Happy
From the PR:

A comprehensive range of Tom and Jerry Classic Collections are set for release throughout 2004 giving fans of all ages the chance to collect the renowned works of the legendary Hanna-Barbera, Gene Deitch, Fred Quimby and Chuck Jones - a unique opportunity to relive and own part of the Golden Age of Animation.

Collecting together the works of each producer, Classic Collection 1 starts with the cartoons of the great Fred Quimby and also includes the Hanna-Barbera years 1940-1958. Hollywood legend Quimby is largely regarded as creating THE Tom & Jerry episodes. He won seven Academy Awards for various Tom & Jerry shorts and received numerous nominations for his animated works.

Few characters have proven to be as enduring as Tom and Jerry. By far two of the nations most loved cartoon characters the trouble twosome consistently feature in Boomerang's top 3 rated programmes and are highly rated when shown on BBC1 with over half a million fans tuning in to grab a piece of the paw licking, cat scratching action.

Packed full of classic high-octane chases, wild slapstick action, exciting music and visually vibrant colours, such comprehensive cartoon compilations have never been available on DVD before. So sit back and enjoy the excitement, rivalry and friendship of one of the best loved animation double acts of all time!

Look out for Tom and Jerry Classic Collection 2 released on 3rd May 2004!

Here are the covers for the 3rd and 4th collection for the German DVD's:

POSTED: February 20, 2004

Today is the 20th of February and I have some more news on the DVD front from my friend Kamran:

As you already know, the Vol. 1 & 2 will be released on 30th March here on germany (amazon.de). Now, amazon.de added 2 new Products: Vol. 3 and 4 of the collection. There aren't any box covers yet. These two DVDs will be released on 23th April in germany.:

Tom & Jerry - The Classic Collection Vol. 3

Tom & Jerry - The Classic Collection Vol. 4

Here is the Translation of the german text of the covers (1&2): About 1 1/2 hours "crazy" (animal) fun with Tom and Jerry

POSTED: February 16, 2004

Some updates and News today the 16th day of the 2 month of the year 2004.

News: My friend Scara informed me that the UK is getting 2 Tom and Jerry DVD releases on April 12 of this year.

Covers are from the German release. You can pre-order the UK DVD's now from Amazon.co.uk

Updates: I've changed the gallery around a bit. I fixed a small bug that I encountered and I've changed the way things are being displayed. There are now 20 thumbnails to a page and they are displayed form lasted additions to oldest. So anything new will be on the first page of the gallery. More updates coming soon.

POSTED: February 10, 2004

Some info from my friend Kamran out in Germany.

There is going to be a DVD collection released in March of this year. Here's the link that he sent me: http://www.areadvd.de/dvd/2004/Tom_und_Jerry_1.shtml

Thanks Kamran for the info!

POSTED: February 06, 2004

Just a quick note today, the 6th of February. A fellow fan, Kamran, sent me an email about another place that is selling the DVD box set from Asia. Here's the place:


POSTED: January 28, 2004


Ok, for those looking for the Art of Tom and Jerry on Laserdisc look no further than here: eBay.

That's right folks. The Holy Grail of Tom and Jerry...Over 150 Uncut, original, -NOT EDITED FOR CONTENT*- Tom & Jerry + other MGM Cartoons from 1940 to 1967.

Let the bidding begin!!!

Bidding ends 5 days from today, January 28, 2004. Good Luck!

POSTED: January 26, 2004

News for January 26, 2004.

I was going through some files on my computer and happened upon some Tom and Jerry pictures that I had forgotten about. I plan on adding them to the site shortly. I'm not going to give an exact date since for the next week my life is more complicated than normal. :-]

Needless to say it will be in the next couple of weeks..possibly during the early days of February. With this update I plan on fixing some issues that I discovered with the picture gallery. I think I'm going to set it up to display the latest additions first and the oldest pictures last.

I still haven't heard anything new about DVD box set from Warner Brothers.

By the way, if anyone has any information regarding Tom and Jerry kids, specifically episode guide, please email me. I am aware of the guide at tvtome.com and bcdb.com but there is no synopsis and I'm not familiar enough with that series to put up any information about. So if you have anything about Tom and Jerry Kids, please let me know.

POSTED: January 18, 2004


I bring news of a really cool site. The Oscar Martin Website. Now why in the world am I telling you this? Well, because Oscar Martin has been writing and drawing Tom and Jerry comics for the last 17 years. His site has many a drawing! CHECK IT OUT!

Site News for January 18, 2004:
I know I haven't done many updates recently and for that I apologize. My life has been really hectic lately and I haven't been able to devote any time to getting anything new.

POSTED: January 06, 2004


Good news! Very Good news!!!

I just found out today the 6th of January, from fellow Tom and Jerry fan Dan, that the Holy Grail, ie. Tom and Jerry Box Set, has been confirmed for September of this year. That's all we know. Here is were you can find some info:

Click here for Animationshow.com forums

POSTED: January 04, 2004


Today, January 4, is the first update of 2004! YAY!!

What does this new update for the new year bring? It brings good news. If you have been looking for a really cool check design then look no further!


Checks in the Mail has just recently signed a license with Warner Bros. and have created Tom & Jerry bank checks that are available to all who would like them, you do not have to order them through your bank. They are a reputable company that has been in the security check printing business for over 83 years. You can view them at www.citm.com under the New Designs category.

Preview the Checks:

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