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2005 News Archive

POSTED: December 27, 2005

May your holidays bring you joy and happiness. Enjoy this season with friends and family and be of good cheer.

Sorry for the lateness of the season greetings...but you know how it is with this time of year :-]

Anyway, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzah, A Great Festivus, and whatever else you want to celebrate this year.

With that all said, have a Happy and Safe New Year!

POSTED: December 06, 2005

I just got an interesting email which posed a really good question that has stumped me. So I ask you, the fans for some help on this question, this day of the 6th of December.

Does anyone know what Tuffy/Nibbles is saying in "Touche Pussy Cat".?

The holidays have got me really busy. I haven't had time to do much of anything with the site. Hopefully things will wind down toward new years and I'll have some time to do some updates.

Hi I'm an idiot...I just need to pop the DVD in the player and turn on the Sub-titles to find the translation. *sigh* I'm a bit embarassed. Thank you, Steve!

POSTED: November 16, 2005

Some non Tom and Jerry news this mid-day of the middle day of the middle week of November (confused? ok...it is the 16th).

I make it a practice not to advertise anything but Tom and Jerry related stuff. But a buddy of mine asked me to help him out....He's started an online ATV business. He's a good friend of mine and I said sure. So if you live in the USA and want a cheap ATV to tool around in, checkout his site USA ATVs.

One more thing, I don't want to be inundated with ad requests unless it involves Tom and Jerry. I make exceptions only on rare occasions, this just happens to be such an occasion. :-]

By the way, I'm not in the ATV business, so don't be asking me about orders or products or anything...Ask them.

POSTED: November 11, 2005

Small update today November 11. I've added a review to the DVD/VHS section.

I've added a review for Tom and Jerry: The Fast and the Furry. I did not write this review. Jeremy Butler over at CHUD.com was kind enough to allow me to use his review on the DVD since I haven't gotten that DVD yet. Thanks Jeremy!

****PLEASE NOTE: CHUD.com may contain material unsuitable for young children and the easily offend. CHUD.com is geared toward a more mature audience****

As for the Tom and Jerry: Spotlight Collection Vol. 2 edits I keep hearing about...well I don't hear much. :-[ Home Theater Forum has a thread about it, but from what I gather there were only 3 edits and of those edits they were redubbed. Does anyone have any info on this set? I haven't gotten my replacement DVD from Amazon yet so I don't know exactly what the edits are all about.

****Update later in the day of the 11th****
whoops! I spoke too soon. My amazon.com replacement DVD came in today...go Amazon! That was a fast turn around. Well...hopefully I can have some time soon to take a look at this collection.

POSTED: November 09, 2005

Good news and bad news!

Today is November 9 and my news is as follows:

The Good: I got Tom and Jerry the Spotlight Collection vol. 2. It came while I was at work and poped it in my DVD player on my laptop. I watched a couple cartoons...most of the ones with Mammy Two-shoes. I watched "Puss gets the Boot", "Triplet Trouble" and "Saturday Evening Puss"; and as far as I know they have not been edited. This is seems to be pretty good.

now for..

The Bad news: The disc was ordered through Amazon.com and it came to me damaged. Though I was able to view both DVD's and there wasn't a problem while playing. But to easy my mind I contact Amazon.com and got things straightened out. They are sending me a replacement since the DVD was damaged during shipment. So I'm sending the DVD back. I hope the replacement comes non-damaged.

Also, one of the movie news site that I frequent has a review of Tom and Jerry: The Fast and the Furry. I've contacted the author of the article. The site has content in it that my not be suitable for young children. I'll keep you guys posted.

POSTED: October 31, 2005


Ok, this just totally came in under the radar. I was not aware of a new Tom and Jerry being release to DVD. That's right fans, not only does this month bring in Tom and Jerry: The Spotlight Collection volume 2, but this:

I found out about it at DVDtoons.com. Here's the write up off their site:

The always entertaining adventures of TOM AND JERRY just got even more crazy as they enter a death-defying car race in THE FAST AND THE FURRY. With an incredibly lofty abode up for grabs, the winner of the contest will be living the high life, so both Tom and Jerry take to a variety of vehicles as they attempt to win this round-the-world jaunt. Naturally some carnage ensues, and a few world-famous landmarks are left with a few bruises in the wake of the intrepid characters adventures, but it's all executed in the usual, loveable TOM AND JERRY style.

Yup, Happy Halloween fans. I am totally out of the loop since I completely missed this new DVD coming this month. I haven't seen this in the stores yet...then again I haven't been looking for it.

I haven't gotten the Spotlight Vol 2. yet....been too busy this week.

POSTED: October 30, 2005

The last Sunday before the end of October and the day before October 31st (Halloween) I give you a special treat:

17 new images in the picture gallery!


Been really busy this week and these last couple days...I haven't had a chance to get the new Tom and Jerry DVD :-[

POSTED: October 25, 2005

Ok...today, October 25th, is the day that the Tom and Jerry Spotlight Collection:V2 comes out. I for one have mixed feelings about. Due to the issues of the previous release, though I still enjoy the DVD and own it. It's Tom and Jerry, after all.

However, fans are up in arms about this latest release...check out this forum thread. Not sure what to make of some of their arguments. I will be purchasing this set sometime this week and form my opinion then and share it with you guys. Anyone already get this set?

POSTED: October 18, 2005

It's almost the end of October!...It's October 18 and I have something to share:

Tom And Jerry - Parade - Jigsaw Puzzles Direct


Tom And Jerry - Mechanical Dog - Jigsaw Puzzles Direct

POSTED: September 21, 2005

Just a quick little note. Nothing majorly new except that today the 21st of September I've launched a new version of Tom and Jerry Online that has been optimized for the Sony PSP internet browser. *insert grand fanfare here*

So, for those of you that have the Sony PSP and use it's internet browser you can now enjoy this site more :-]

I have some updates planned for the site. It's slow going now due to projects at work and at home but they are in the works.

Oh...on the DVD front: Tom and Jerry Spotlight Collection:V2

Pre-order it from Amazon.com

*** On a side note...question for all you gamers out there. I've been trying to get to NewKidCo's website for the last couple of days to see if they are coming out with any more Tom and Jerry Video Games and haven't been able to get to it. Has any one heard anything about them? Did the go defunct? Did they get bought out/absorbed by a large conglomerate?

POSTED: September 13, 2005

Had some time to do an upload today the 13th of September. I've added 2 sounds: a better quality sound byte of "Is you Is or Is you ain't my Baby" from "Solid Seranade", along with the theme to "Tom and Jerry Kids". Thanks Dan for the Solid sound byte. I can't remember who sent me the theme song, but Thanks!

POSTED: September 05, 2005

Happy Labor Day!
Why do they call it Labor Day if the whole idea of it seems to be to NOT do any labor...


Some really cool news came my way a couple days ago and I finally had some time to look at it. It is this: New Tom and Jerry Short.

Yep! You read that right, apparently there is a new short in the works and Joseph Barbera is producing it. Yo Joe! I haven't heard too much about this short, but the article is basically about the guy that is composing it. What is really cool is they are going back to the way they use to do the music in the 40's cartoon.

Thanks Robert for letting us know!

POSTED: August 11, 2005

August 11, 2005:

I'm getting married this weekend and will be on holiday afterwards...so I won't be able to answer emails until I get back in a couple of weeks.

POSTED: August 10, 2005

Sorry for the downtime folks. The server the site was sitting on was being flakey, so we moved the site over to a different machine.

Thanks for your patience.

4 more days! :-]

POSTED: August 03, 2005

11 days an counting till wedded bliss. YAY!

Anyway, stumbled upon this link on Wednesday August the 3rd day: Tom and Jerry Plush Toys

So for those of you that have been looking for plush toys, look no further than the above link.

POSTED: July 29, 2005

Found some time today, July 29 to fix the Forums. So for those of you that have been waiting on the forums, wait no longer, the forum is up.

POSTED: July 14, 2005

Good news everyone!

Not only am I 31 days from wedded bliss, but this July 14, 2005 brings us news of some great interest...a new Spotlight Collection!

Tom and Jerry: The Spotlight Collection Vol 2!
Here is the link that I received this morning: http://www.tvshowsondvd.com/newsitem.cfm?NewsID=3678

What bugs me though is that we still haven't heard ANYTHING about the rumored replacements for the first collection and I'm starting to lose so hope that there ever will be a replacement.

Anyway, thanks Drew for letting us know!

On a side note, Aaron over at the New Tom and Jerry Information site sent me this little bit of news:

New Tom & Jerry On CN July 23-24

Set your dial for a while...to Cartoon Network @ 7 AM (EDT) next weekend, as the 1975 Hanna-Barbera New Tom & Jerry TV cartoons are slated to air once again.

Saturday, July 23, will see "HB T&J #16/HB T&J #13/HB T&J #18" and on Sunday, July 24, "HB T&J #14/HB T&J #17/HB T&J #15" will air.

Please don't ask which New T&J cartoons will air, because I am totally unaware! I assumed "Stay Awake Or Else..." (80-01), "An Ill Wind" (80-05) and "No Bones About It" (80-04) would air Saturday, June 25 and "No Way, Stowaways" (80-03), "The Ski Bunny" (80-02) and "Beach Bully" (80-06) on Sunday, June 27, and CN ran totally different ones. And last weekend was a mix of theatrical and made-for-TV H-B cartoons.

So let's hope this next weekend is an improvement.

Thanks Aaron!

Also, the forum is still down as I don't have anytime untill after the wedding to really work on it. :-[

POSTED: July 08, 2005

36 days till the wedding...and I'm going insane... anyway....

I recently got an email from a fan out in Australia that has some William Hanna artwork:

"My name is Chuck and live in Australia. I have come across a Bill Hanna early watercolor called Moth's......I am an art dealer and am interested in finding out if there is anyone out there collects his early works. It is from l940. Please let me know if you can help. "

He can be reached here: ukeologist@yahoo.com

POSTED: May 30, 2005

Happy Memorial Day!

Well, I just discovered some issues with the forum/Clubhouse that I can't resolve quickly. I have to take the forums down for a little bit in order to work on things. The posts will remain up so no worries on that. I'll let everyone know as soon as possible wihen I have the forums back to normal.

POSTED: May 26, 2005

Sorry for the lack of updates recently....things are a bit hectic in my life with the wedding plans.

Thank you for all the emails and the visit. It really is amazing how many love Tom and Jerry and how many people really enjoy this site!

POSTED: May 13, 2005

I found some news, today May 13, on the Spotlight Collection DVD:

Home Theater Forum

The Animation Show

Don't get your hopes up... :-[

POSTED: May 12, 2005

Today is May 12, 2005 and I have updated this site!

Many thanks to Croter who provided me (and the fans) with 11 images of Tom and Jerry. These images are from "Kitty Foiled" and "Cat Fishin'".

You can find the images in the picture gallery page.

Still no word on the replacement DVD's for Tom and Jerry: The Spotlight Collection. Then again, I haven't been looking for news on it lately...I've been a bit busy.

POSTED: April 17, 2005

It's April 17...15 months since I started dating my fiance'. So, in celebration I've added another desktop wallpaper and I've added about 7 images to the gallery!


POSTED: April 10, 2005

It's April 10 and I have just added an image to the Coloring section. Happy Coloring.

I've also added a new Wallpaper. It's on page 2 of the Wallpaper section. It's the last one. It's a zip file with multiple screen resolution sizes. Enjoy!

POSTED: March 30, 2005

Just a quick note. Yes I'm still updating this site. I've been extremely busy lately...planning a wedding and all, that I haven't been able to do too many major updates - specifially new images. I'll try to get some images up sometime soon, not sure when but I'll try.

Enjoy the second to the last day of March.

POSTED: March 30, 2005

I made some time today to finally start my review of the Tom and Jerry Spotlight Collection. I haven't completed it yet, but I'm working on it. I've watched both discs and will have it up sooner or later. (see previous news post as to time issues with Rome :-])

Speaking of the Spotlight Collection...I found this forum thread in regards to it's recall...ugh! still no word on it.

The Animation Show Forums

POSTED: March 24, 2005

A Happy, Healthy 94th Birthday today to legendary Cartoonist/Animator/Producer-Director.


POSTED: March 22, 2005

I got this press release from the University Press of Mississippi:


I have two new animation titles that I want to tell you about.

Chuck Jones: Conversations brings to life the legendary Warner Bros. artist who helped shaped the history of animation. The volume spans thirty years of talks with Jones and includes several previously unpublished interviews.

You may read more about the book at


Martha Sigall worked with all the classic cartoon characters Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Tom & Jerry, Droopy Dawg, Pink Panther, Garfield and all the madcap artists who created them: Chuck Jones, Tex Avery, William Hanna, and Joseph Barbara. Her memoir, Living Life inside the Lines: Tales from the Golden Age of Animation, is an insiders account like no other. Written with warmth, humor, and a touch of nostalgia, this is a rarely told story of what it was like to be a part of a team of artists who were creating masterpieces of animation.

You may read more about the book at



Happy Tuesday March 22!

POSTED: March 20, 2005

Ok...9 days into engagement and all is sorta well. Planning a wedding shouldn't be so difficult. Though things are falling into place, there are a few major potholes in the road that are causing some headaches and lack of sleep. Anyway, I took some time today on this cold sunday, March 20, to watch the Tom and Jerry Movie...again. Yup, this is the second time in a month that I've watched this movie and I have to say that it not a bad movie. It's a lot better than the last couple of releases. Head on over to the DVD/VHS section to check out the review.

POSTED: March 11, 2005

Today is a wonderful day. I have asked my girlfriend, Jennifer, to marry me and she said YES! I am officially engaged.

Here is what happened:

It all started in January, around the time of our one year anniversary of dating. Her dad came over one day to install a new garbage disposal unit in my kitchen sink. We spent a few hours together and when every was completed I asked him for permission to marry his daughter. To say he was shocked is an understatement, but once he composed himself he gave me permission. Once I had that, I began prepping for how I was going to do it.

One idea stuck out to me the most but I was struggling with the logistics of it all so I tried alternative ideas for how I was going to propose to, Jenn. I explained my idea to another friend and told her about my reservations about the way I was going to propose, but she reassured me that how I was going to propose was so me and that I should proceed with my plan.

My plan was simple..make a piece of art and somehow hang it in a gallery. So I started looking around for gallery space and contacted a friend of mine that is a director of an art gallery and asked for a huge favor...to allow me to hang a piece of artwork that was part of a proposal. I got her approval, I had gallery space for one image.

So I got to work on making the image for the day. I got it to the point where I needed another persons opinion on it...the one person whose opinion mattered, Jenn's. That's right she saw the image that I was going to use to ask her, but it had different wording and imagery on it. She like the layout and the image...unbeknownst to her. Well that evening, when she left I returned to the computer and finished the "real" image and sent it to get print.

Now the wait, till today March 11th. It was about a 3 week wait for the opening of the group show that I had my image in. So in the mean time I got things ready...like the ring and framing the artwork and letting Jenn know about the group art show that we would be attending.

March 11, the day of the opening...I pick Jenn up at her home and drive to the gallery. All the while, nervous as all get out, but I hid it well. We walked around a bit at the gallery and led her to where the art was hung. As we rounded the corner she looked at the wall were my art was and she looked at me and said, "That looks like your style". I said, "Yeah, look familiar?".

We got closer as she read the words, "Will you marry me?", she was awestruck, and turned around only to find me on one knee holding the ring out. She was blurting out..."Your picture is asking me to marry...your asking me to marry you??"

I asked, "Will you marry me?" at which she responded, "You are really asking me this...".

"Yes, Jenn, Will you marry me...." then she hugs me and says that she will. :-]

It took her a few minutes to stop jumping up and down with joy so that I could actually put the ring on her finger. :-]

We walked around the gallery are few minutes more...not really looking at artwork. :-]

There are a lot more details, but you get the gist of it.

POSTED: February 28, 2005

Today is the last day of February, 2005 (a non-leap year).
Tom and Jerry came second yesterday in a poll in the UK: Channel4 - 100 Greatest Cartoons

POSTED: February 17, 2005

Quick note:

Tom and Jerry Online will be down for a short while on February 18, 2005 between the hours of 10:00PM till 2:00AM EST. This is due to some needed server maintence. We will be back online on February 19.

POSTED: February 16, 2005

Hello all you Tom and Jerry fans!

It is February 16, 2005, at least when I post this...anyway, just a quick note. Recently, I've became affiliated with Amazon.com in an effort to better direct the fans to Tom and Jerry merchandise. With that, I've become an affiliate with Amazon.co.uk as well.

I get a lot of emails from fans in the UK and overseas...specifially DVD Region 2 :-] So, for those with Region 2 or Region Free DVD Player head over to Shop Amazon.co.uk.

POSTED: February 09, 2005

Ah. February 9. Spring is coming close....I'm happy about that. However, the icy grip of winter is still here. I have a sore throat...again. I dislike the winter. Anyway, enough about stuff that doesn't pertain to Tom and Jerry. On to some Tom and Jerry tid bits.

I started a review on Tom and Jerry: Blast off to Mars. I don't have a full review yet, but I plan on it in the next couple of days. The show wasn't too bad. I was trying to have an unbiased and open minded viewing, but the purist kept butting heads with it. But, it was a fun little show. I'll tell more in my review. I also added Tom and Jerry The Movie to the review list...well to the DVD list. I have already reviewed the VHS. However, I plan on watching it again and re-examing the movie. One strike against The Movie DVD is that it was not released in Widescreen format. *sigh*

Anyway, I'm still avoiding the Spotlight review. I need to just carve out some time to review that one. The documentaries in the Spotlight Collection are most excellent and well worth the price of the set.

Speaking of reviews. Since I'm doing them on several different cartoons, I noticed that the section could use some improvement. I might be making changes to that. Not sure when, though.

POSTED: February 05, 2005

Happy February 5th. Just 1 day away from Superbowl Sunday. And as a tribute to the mass commercialism that is the NFL, and professional sports for that matter, I have finally become an affiliate with Amazon.com.

Yes, folks, after telling people over the years to go checkout Amazon.com fo find various things like DVDs or Videos, I have made it a little easier to find stuff. You will notice, to the left, that there is a new link in the navigation called Shop Amazon.com. There you will find all the Tom and Jerry products offered through Amazon.com.

Please keep in mind, that I'm not selling anything. It is through an associate/affiliate program with Amazon.com that those products are listed on this site. So don't ask if I can get certain products...that is a question to ask Amazon. :-]

POSTED: January 29, 2005

January 29

I just bought the Tom and Jerry: Blast off to Mars DVD, plus The Tom and Jerry Movie on DVD. I know, I know...but I wanted it on DVD and it had some old shorts on it. Plus it was $10. :-]

Anyway, I'll try to get some reviews going on the DVD's that I have, plus on the spotlight collection (still bitter about it). Hopefully, things will slow down a bit for me as I'm juggling many things.

POSTED: January 27, 2005

Just in time for Valentines day:

Tom Cat: Soft Toy


At least they got Tom sort of right...don't know what they were thinking with Jerry...ugh!

Man...several posts this last week of Januray.

I've yet to get the latest Tom and Jerry DVD, Tom and Jerry Blast off to Mars. I plan on getting it this weekend along with Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, a movie everyone needs to see and enjoy :-]

I plan on having a review of the Spotlight Collection sometime soon as well as a review of the Blast off to Mars.

POSTED: January 26, 2005

I just got these email today, the last Wednesday of January:

Wanted to share some VERY good news with Tom and Jerry fans! There is a dvd pack of Tom and Jerry available on Ebay....IT IS ALL UNCUT! The lettering is in Chinese on the box, and you might have to switch languages on your remote to change from Chinese to English when you play the dvds.

The set contains 10 dvds, all fully uncut. Mammy's voice is the original Lillian Randolph, and all of the blackface and other censored scenes are intact, including the long lost scene in The Milky Waif where Jerry and Nibbles put shoe polish on their faces to fool Tom. The only thing missing is from His Mouse Friday; the cannibal dialogue is missing, presumably gone forever I'm guessing, but the set is great! Prices range from 39.00 for immediate purchase, or you can choose to bid for a lower price. Just go to Ebay.com and do a dvd search for Tom and Jerry. Be careful not to bid or buy the Spotlight Collection, which IS cut!

Thanks Matt for the information.

I also got some interesting information from Cat:

I've been reading the problems you've had with playing foreign dvds in America. Like you I've been trying to get hold of loads of dvds that we can't play here in England because America and Canada play in region 1 (which screws up my xmas presents from canadian relatives).

We solved the problem in our house by going onto amazon.co.uk and getting a cheap multiversal dvd player for about 20 pounds, that's cheap for England, and it'll play anything, even music cds


but I know you have different plugs, so that's a blindingly obvious piece of nonsense I just gave you... what my canadian family did is buy a playstation 2- the kids play their games on it but it also plays any dvds too because they made it a multiregional player for dvd even though you CANT play the actual games from different regions (the logic is bizarre).

I don't know if this is widely known over there or not but I just thought I'd let you know so you can try it if you didn't. Also, if you find that the german 12 disc collection is definitely not a repackaged spotlight collection, shout it from the rooftops, because I thought they didnt put enough cartoons on the spotlight (and my german is advanced enough to be ablle to read they're not publicising it as anything different from the spotlight...)

Thanks Cat!

POSTED: January 26, 2005

Some more info on the 26th!

This is in addition to the news tidbit below.

Kamran informed me:

Matt wrote: [...] The only thing missing is from His Mouse Friday; the cannibal dialogue is missing, presumably gone forever I'm guessing [...] The dialogues are not gone. I have got a copy of the orignal soundtrack at home. It's on the german DVD-box-set, Vol. 5.

Thanks Kamran!

POSTED: January 17, 2005

This just in!
January 17, 2005

Today marks my one year of dating a wonderful woman whom I love very much! Yay me! Happy Anniversary, Love!


It appears the DVD release of Tom and Jerry Blast off to Mars is going to be released on Tuesday the 18th, with as much fanfare as the last couple of releases. I'm not sure about this one, folks...I'm still a little burnt from the last 2 releases.

POSTED: January 10, 2005

Just a small update to the little bit of DVD news from last week:

Most DVD's from Germany are in PAL format not NTSC for the US and other NTSC countries (although the Amazon listing does not state what format the 12 disc set is in). If it is in PAL, people in the US will not be able to watch it on their home dvd players/tv's. Also more than likely it is also in Region 2 (the US is Region 1), also preventing playback in the US. (unfortunately very few people have the ability to play Region 2 PAL DVD's in the US)

Thanks John for letting us know.

POSTED: January 07, 2005

More news today the 7th of the 1st full week of the 1st month of the year and it concerns my post from yesterday:

the box contains all DVDs of "The Classic Collection" (1-12). The first DVDs were released on 30.03.2004 . Some cartoons are cut and "The Million Dollar Cat" is missing. As far as I know these are the same prints Cartoon Network used to broadcast. But I'm not sure in this. Mammy's voice is the Irish voice in most of the cartoons. If you plan to buy all 12 DVDs, you should buy this box-set, since it's much cheaper than buying each of them seperatly.

A hint would be the review from last year: www.dvdtimes.co.uk since it includes the same prints as the box-set.

Also, if you interested:
You can watch "The Cat Concerto" legaly over the internet at turnerclassicmovies.com Cat Concerto

Thanks for the info, Kamran!

POSTED: January 06, 2005

Happy New Year!

I got an email the other day that I MUST share:

I got news for the dvd-section: all tom and jerry episodes are now available in a boxset (12 dvds: 9 hanna-barbera, 1 gene deitch, and 2 chuck jones)in germany on amazon.de for 79 euros. All dvds contain both english and german versions. Theý're fully restored and in perfect quality. I got the boxset for christmas and I'm absolutely happy with it. Here is the link:


I checked the link out and found that the cover looks like the recent US DVD release of the Tom and Jerry Spotlight Collection. I don't know much about this release, as I don't read German :-]

Thanks Gregor for letting me know!

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