Heavenly Puss

heaven.wav (322K) - The cat at the gate going through The Book of each cat in line
Hic-cup Pup
Spike - He gets the hic-cups.mp3 (234K) - Spike - Every time his [Tyke] sleep gets disturbed, he gets the hic-cups.
Spike - He's Takin' a Nap.mp3 (73.5K) - Spike - Shhhhh! He's takin' a nap.
Spike - I'll murder that cat.mp3 (42.5K) - Spike - I'll murder that *hi-cup* cat!
Spike - Ow!.mp3 (38.4K) - Spike - Ooowwwww!
Spike - rockabye Baby.mp3 (244K) - Spike singing / humming Rockabye Baby to Tyke
Spike - That's My Boy.mp3 (38.8K) - Spike to Tyke - That's my Boy!
Spike - There's going to be trouble.mp3 (66.6K) - Spike to Tom - You wake my boy again, there is going to be trouble!
Spike - Try sippin' a little water.mp3 (89.4K) - Spike to Tyke - Here son, try sipin' a little water.
Spike - Wakin' up my boy.mp3 (42.9K) - Spike to Tom - "What's the big idea wakin' up my boy?!"
Tyke - Hic-cups.mp3 (68.2K) - Tyke's hic-cups
His Mouse Friday
Island Native - Hmm BBQ Cat.mp3 (124K) - Island Native - "Hmmmmm Barbeque Cat!"
Island Native - Hmm BBQ Mouse.mp3 (126K) - Island Native - "Hmmmmmm Barbeque mouse!"
Island Native - Screaming.mp3 (127K) - Island Native screaming
Jerry - Apa Bata.mp3 (148K) - Jerry - "Hop in water!"
Jerry - Cut a Potato.mp3 (18.8K) - Jerry - "Cut a Potato! Cut a Potato!"
Jerry - Hold the Onion.mp3 (18.8K) - Jerry - "Hold the Onion"
Jerry - Hop in pot.mp3 (139K) - Jerry - "Hop in pot!"
Jerry - Kalamazoo.mp3 (427K) - Jerry saying something (can't really distinguish what he is saying)
I'm just wild about Jerry
jyow.wav (46.8K) - Jerry's scream
tjintro.wav (258K) - The ever popular Intro to the cartoon.
Tom and Jerry Theme (419K) - The theme in mp3 format!
TomandJerry_Kids_theme.mp3 (147K) - The theme song to the forgotten Tom and Jerry Kids show.
tomjercom1980.wav (321K) - The theme to the Tom and Jerry Comedy Show. (1980)
tomjerry1975.wav (335K) - Theme to the Tom and Jerry Show (1975)
tj75theme_MP3file.mp3 (1.21MB) - High Quality Tom and Jerry 1975 theme
Tom and Jerry MGM Theme.mp3 (834K) - High Quality Tom and Jerry MGM theme song.
Jerry and the Lion
lion.wav (136K) - Jerry meets up with the Lion
Jerry's Cousin
cousin1.wav (46.7K) - Jerry's letter to his cousin Muscles
cousin2.wav (35.5K) - Muscle's threatens Tom
cousin3.wav (35.1K) - Muscle's gives Jerry some advice
Little Quacker
Henry.wav (56.8K) - The Duckling's mom calls for the Dad
Quack.wav (36.5K) - Duck calls
Little Runaway
Baby Seal - Talking.mp3 (351K) - The Baby Seal talking in seal talk
Baby Seal - Trumpet.mp3 (156K) - The Baby Seal playing the trumpet.
Newscaster - Good Morning, Everyone.mp3 (18K) - Newscaster - "Good Morning, Everyone."
Newscaster - The Reward offer.mp3 (234K) - Newscaster's - News broadcast about the missing baby seal.
Love that Pup
Spike - Hey You.mp3 (64.1K) - Spike - "Hey You! That's my boy you got in your hands"
Spike - I'll skin ya alive.mp3 (58K) - Spike - "If he's under that barrel, I'll skin ya alive!"
Spike - Listen Pussycat.mp3 (120K) - Spike - "Listen here, pussy cat. I catch you botherin' my boy again, I'll tear ya apart!"
Spike - There There, Son.mp3 (93.5K) - Spike - "There, There son. Ain't no cat goin' to hurt you"
Spike - Where's my boy.mp3 (18.4K) - Spike - "Where's my boy!"

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