Million Dollar Cat

million.wav (60.5K) - Tom: "Gee, I'm throwing away a million dollars. But I'm HAPPY!!!"
Miscellaneous Sounds
jerry's theme.wav (20.5K) - His theme music
the_end.wav (34.8K) - Music from the end of an episode.
leotom.wav (49.5K) - The intro to the Chuck Jones Tom and Jerry's. (note: I had a issue on winamp with this file, but windows media player plays it fine. Thanks William for the sound!)
interview.mp3 (706K) - I think it is William Hanna talking about the creation of Tom and Jerry and the work involved in the making of the cartoons.
Mouse for Sale
goodkitty.wav (63.3K) - Tom's female owner goes out to shop
cutemouse.wav (117K) - She shows Tom what she baught
hedances.wav (51.4K) - When you play music Jerry dances
letgo.wav (84.8K) - "Thomas! Let go of that little white mouse..."
badbadcat.wav (101K) - Tom gets scolded by his owner
badbadcat2.wav (96.3K) - Tom gets yelled at again
kitchen.wav (117K) - "Thomas? Is that you in the kitchen?..."
doyou.wav (94.6K) - Thomas? Do you have that little white mouse under there?"
cute.wav (51.4K) - "Isn't he CUTE?"
thereyouare.wav (44.8K) - "Oh, there you are."
bother.wav (84.8K) - "Thomas? are you still bothering that white mouse?"
jealous.wav (299K) - "You were just jealous..."
Mouse Trouble
believe.wav (71.5K) - Tom: "Don't you believe it!"
hic-cup.wav (70.6K) - Tom's hic-cup after he eats a toy
seeme.wav (76.2K) - Tom uses a toy female mouse to lure Jerry into a trap
laugh.wav (54.4K) - Tom's laughter
Neopolitan Mouse
goodbye.wav (76.1K) - The Italian characters say goodbye
greetings1.wav (58.0K) - The Neopolitan Mouse says hello or something
greetings2.wav (168K) - The Neopolitan Mouse discovers Tom and Jerry
question.wav (16.9K) - The Neopolitan Mouse says something in Italian
que_mouse.wav (43.6K) - A Neoplitan Dog comments on the strength of The Neopolitan Mouse
tour.wav (298K) - The Neopolitan Mouse gives Tom and Jerry a tour of Napoli.
Old Rockin' Chair Tom
help.wav (27K) - Mammy: "EEEE! THOMAS, SAVE ME!!!..."
mousecatcher.wav (56.6K) - Mammy reviews Tom's qualifications for catching mice.
Pecos Pest
cramb.wav (959K) - Jerry's stutering Uncle sings a "Crambone"
encore.wav (93.9K) - Pecos plays his encore
herekitty1.wav (140K) - Pecos looking for Tom
herekitty2.wav (84.2K) - Pecos wants another whisker
howdy.wav (39.9K) - Pecos: "Howdy There! N-N-Neph-Nephew!"
pecos_intro.wav (55.4K) - TV annoucer introduces Uncle Pecos.
whisker.wav (24.5K) - Uncle Pecos: "Gotta have another whisker, N-N-Neph-Nephew!"
t_laugh.wav (78.9K) - Tom's laugh.
so_long.wav (45.9K) - Pecos says goodbye to Jerry.
Pet Peeve
petpeeve.wav (149K) - The yuppie couple discussing the monthly bills
Quiet Please
listencat.wav (66.8K) - Spike threatens bodily harm if Tom wakes him up again
rockaby.wav (91.2K) - Tom sings Spike a lullabye
AHHH!1.wav (53.4K) - Tom's scream
AHHH!2.wav (79.4K) - Tom gets poked
AHHH!3.wav (73.3K) - Jerry's "Ahhh!"
ow.wav (42.4K) - Tom gets hurt
ow2.wav (30.7K) - Tom gets caught in a trap
yow.wav (58.2K) - Tom gets bit
Tjscream1.wav (22.9K) - Tom's "Ahhh!"

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