Smarty Cat

homemovies.wav (65.4K) - Butch and friends go over to Tom's to watch some home movies.
loverboy.wav (140K) - Butch interjects a scene from "Solid Serenade".
dumbdog.wav (54.6K) - Butch: "Now there is a Dumb Dog!"
excuse_me.wav (28.0K) - Butch: "EXCUUUSE ME!!"
bowwow.mp3 (360K) - Butch imitating a Spike's barking...while Spike is right behind him.
Solid Serenade
isyouis.wav (664K) - Tom again is trying to woo his girlfriend. (poor quatilty)
isyouis2.wav (275K) - better quality verison of Tom's wooing.
Is You Is or Is You Ain't My Baby.mp3 (2.16M) - An MP3 version of one of the most asked about cartoon. This is featuring the voice from the cartoon and sound clips from the cartoon. Thanks Dan for the sound byte.
Southbound Duckling
south.wav (58.9K) - Jerry's friend the Duck: "So long, Jerry old boy. I'm going South."
Sufferin' Cats
ahooch.wav (41.3K) - Brown Cat yelling after being hit by Tom
xmarks.wav (72.2K) - Tom's Evil Self telling Tom to not share
cheesenapper.wav (73.8K) - Tom's Evil Self reconvincing Tom not to share
tom_hit.wav (8.52K) - Tom being hit by Brown Cat
Texas Tom
texastom.wav (134K) - Tom lipsynchs to "Look me up"
That's My Pup
myboy.wav (82K) - Spike: "That's my boy."
factsoflife.wav (1.05M) - Spike discusses the Facts of Life with his son, Tyke.
peptalk.wav (1.0M) - Spike talks with Tom about encouraging Tyke.
speaktome.wav (154K) - Spike: "Speak to me, son!"
whodoneit.wav (108K) - Spike worried about his boy.
The Bodyguard
whistle.wav (97.1K) - Jerry whistles for Spike. In turn, Spike threatens Tom with bodily harm
littlepal.wav (35.6K) - Spike thanks Jerry
power.wav (33.5K) - Tom: laughing menacingly, "In me Power!"
The Cat's Me-Ouch
TheCatsMeOuch-Growl_Ah-Ha.mp3 (43.4K) - Mini-Bulldog: Growl! Tom: AH-HA!
TheCatsMeOuch-Ah-Ha.mp3 (24.6K) - Tom: AH-HA!
The Duck Doctor
Duckling - Big rant.mp3 (631K) - The Duckling - Explains how he got shot.
Duckling - Boy you're a swell doctor.mp3 (47.8K) - Duckling - "Boy! you're a swell doctor."
Duckling - buh bye.mp3 (24.9K) - Duckling - Buh-Bye!
Duckling - Don't Shoot Me.mp3 (72.3K) - Duckling - Don't Shoot Me!
Duckling - Gee it feels good.mp3 (29K)) - Duckling - "Gee it feels good"
Duckling - I saw the cat out there.mp3 (153K) - Duckling - "I saw the cat out there"
Duckling - Oh my arm.mp3 (79.2K) - Duckling - "Oh my arm!"
Duckling - Oh you are killin me.mp3 (142K) - Duckling - "Oh you are killin me"
Duckling - Ow Don't touch it.mp3 (53.5K) - Duckling - "Ow! Don't touch it!'
Duckling - There is a big cat out there.mp3 (56.4K) - Duckling - "There is a big cat out there with a shotgun!"
Duckling - Wait for me.mp3 (42.9K) - Duckling - "Wait for me!"
The Flying Sorceress
whoopy.wav (290K) - The Sorceress laughing
notbad.wav (69.7K) - The Sorceress: "Not bad, sunny. You get the job"
number8.wav (251K) - The Sorceress: "Look out there, Sunny. You'll be number 8..."
ride.wav (209K) - The Sorceress: "Stealing a ride, eh?..."
rightdown.wav (117K) - The Sorceress: "Just a minute...I'll be right down."
sleep.wav (78.1K) - The Sorceress: "You sleep over there."
traveling.wav (475K) - The Sorceress: "So, you want to be my traveling companion..."
upto.wav (65K) - The Tom's Owner: "Now what is that cat up to?"
wakeup!.wav (227K) - The Tom's Owner: "Wake up, Thomas!..."
mrclumsy.wav (333K) - The Tom's Owner: "Well, Mr. Clumsy. Everytime you chase that mouse..."

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