The Framed Cat

Mammy - Calls for Tom.mp3 (101K) - Mammy - Thomas? Is that you messin' around in that kitchen?
Mammy - Get this chicken stealin mouse.mp3 (73.5K) - Mammy - "Thomas! Come in and get this chicken stealin' mouse!"
Spike - Hey You!.mp3 (40K) - Spike - "Hey You!"
Spike - Threatens Tom.mp3 (305K) - Spike - Threatens Tom.
Tom - Come on, boy.mp3 (202K) - Tom - "Come on, boy"
The Midnight Snack
thomas!.wav (18K) - Mammy: "Thomas, Thomas! MM, if that Cat is In that Kitchen!"
icebox.wav (28.3K) - Mammy: "Cat! if you've been in that icebox, start prayin'!..."
getout.wav (37.2K) - Mammy kicks out Tom
The Truce Hurts
waitaminute.wav (63.1K) - Spike negotiates peace talks
thetruce.wav (58.6K) - Spike reads aloud The Truce
Timid Tabby
chicken.wav (67.6K) - George: "I can't help it if I'm chicken."
dah.wav (58.4K) - George's scream
g_alone.wav (91.7K) - George doesn't want to be left alone
plans.wav (69.5K) - George and Tom discuss a plan to get even with Jerry.
Touche' Pussy Cat
bonjour.wav (54.6K) - Nibbles: "Bonjour, Misiour Jerry."
bonjour2.wav (96.3K) - Nibbles: "Bonjour, Mister Jerry."
touche1.wav (11.4K) - Nibbles: *BOING* "Touche' Misiour Jerry"
touche2.wav (9.05K) - Nibbles: "Touche' Pussy Cat!"
pouvre.wav (11.9K) - Nibbles: "pouvre, pouvre, *HICCUP* , pussycat."
lagair.wav (15.3K) - Nibbles: "C'est la guerre"
Trap Happy
c-a-t.wav (127K) - Tom spells CAT
goodmorning.wav (212K) - Butch: "Good Morning! Ajax Mouse Exterminating..."
Zoot Cat
zootcat-add.wav (103K) - Smilin' Sam the Zoot Suit man
zootcat1.wav (304K) - Tom's women tells him what's up!
zootcat2.wav (425K) - Tom's women sees his new look
zootcat3.wav (651K) - Tom burning on the piano

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