You have reached the sounds of Tom and Jerry. Throughout their long career, Tom and Jerry have rarely spoken. Most of the dialogue is done but the rest of the characters in the Tom and Jerry world; like Mammy, Spike, and Nibbles (or Tuffy). In those instances where Tom and Jerry were given voice, it was only for a breif instant, well, more like a one-liner of sorts. However, during a few films and some cartoons they were given voice. In "The Zoot Cat" Tom had some Major dialogue when he tried to woo his girlfriend. In the movie "Anchor's Aweigh" with Gene Kelly, Jerry had a few lines as well as a dancing roll, however, Tom only had a small cameo in it. They both may have had some dialogue in a dream sequence with Esther Williams in the movie "Dangerous When Wet" (I've never seen this flick, so I'm not sure wether they talked or not). And of course, "Tom and Jerry the Movie", they talked a lot, I didn't particularly care for them talking, it kinda ruined the characters. Plus, IMHO the makers of the flick picked voices that didn't seem to fit them, but I still liked it. Anyway, enough of this boring background info, lets get on with the sounds:

A Mouse in the House

mammy.wav (223K) - Mammy yells at both, Tom and Butch
Anchors Aweigh
behappy.wav (175K) - Gene Kelly talking with King Jerry
imdancin.wav (15.5K) - Jerry: "I'm Dancin'!"
Baby Butch
babytalk.wav (155K) - Butch: "dada dah dah dah dee a goo......MILK!!!!....ah oh.."
babytalk2.wav (85.1K) - Butch: " a goo goo gooo...da da da dah dah?"
burp.wav (57.2K) - Tom burping Butch after he finished with the milk.
cry1.wav (54.2K) - Butch: "Whaaahh Whaaahhh....agoo?"
cry2.wav (71.6K) - Butch: " DOAAHHH!!!"
googoo.wav (57.8K) - Butch: "A goo goo gu gu goo goo?"
Blue Cat Blues
andthen.wav (44.5K) - Jerry: "..and then She walked by."
appealed.wav (37.5K) - Jerry: "...I appealed to him as a friend but he ignored me."
downhill.wav (29.4K) - Jerry: "...Tom went down hill fast after that..."
jewelry.wav (18.5K) - Jerry talking about Tom's spending habits for a woman
love.wav (27.3K) - Jerry talks about Tom being in love
mrbutch.wav (13.6K) - Jerry: "...but Tom had a rival, Mr. Butch."
priceoflove.wav (67.5K) - Jerry explaining the price of love for a High Maintainence Woman
putty.wav (14.7K) - Jerry: "Poor simple Tom. He was putty in her hands."
stophim.wav (11.3K) - Jerry: "I tried to stop him but it was no use."
thegutter.wav (19.8K) - Jerry: "..the next step was the gutter."
thestory.wav (87.5K) - Jerry: "Well, that's the story..."
trufriends.wav (130K) - Jerry telling how he and Tom were true friends
Casanova Cat
cas-butch.wav (46.7K) - Butch (Tom's nemesis) sings "Over the Rainbow"
cas-yow.wav (87.3K) - Tom's "YOW!!"
Cruise Cat
cruisecat1.wav (46.8K) - Tom gets a lecture from the Captain
cruisecat2.wav (25.3K) - Tom gets introduced to the ship's horn
cruisecat3.wav (15.0K) - Tom's laugh (while watching themselves in the ship's theater)
cruisecat4.wav (8.56K) - Jerry's laugh (while watching themselves in the ship's theater)
cruisecat5.wav (46.4K) - Tom is commended for the job well done...thrown in the brigg
cruisecat6.wav (67.3K) - Jerry's guitar playing
Dikey Moe
Dickymoe1.wav (446K) - The Captain and his enemy, Dicky Moe.
Dickymoe2.wav (257K) - "No more Dicky Moe!"
Dickymoe3.wav (99.6K) - "Dicky Moe!"
Dickymoe4.wav (137K) - "Now I'll get you Dicky Moe!!"
Dickymoe5.wav (313K) - "Come back with my whale!!"
dmlaugh.wav (103K) - The Captain's evil laugh.
gettowork.wav (113K) - The captain tells Tom to start working.
thar.wav (98.3K) - "Thar she BLOWS!!!!"
Downheated Duck
dont_do_that.wav (87.2K) - The Duck: "Don't do that! Don't do that! I'll never show my face again."
duck_goodbye.wav (86.9K) - The Duck: "Goodbye, Goodbye."
you're_cute.wav (166K) - The Duck meets up with a female duck.
Fit to be Tide
myfoot.wav (743K) - Spike steps on a tack.
television.wav (109K) - Spike: "I learned this one on television!"
littlesam.wav (103K) - Spike: "Here's your bell, Little Sam."
Flirty Birdy
birdcall.wav (63.3K) - The Hawk calling for Tom
call1.wav (99.9K) - Tom's call and the Hawk answers
call2.wav (50.1K) - Tom calls and the Hawk answers along with kissing noises.
lovesme.wav (81.2K) - Hawk: "Yoohooo...WHACK! SHE LOVES ME!!"
bwhistle.wav (53.6K) - Tom calls for the Hawk
yoohoo.wav (79.4K) - Hawk: "Yoohoo...WHACK!!"

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