Posted: December 18, 2001

MERRY CHRISTMAS! HAVE A FESTIVE EID-UL-FITR(forgive me if I don't know the proper saying for the Islamic festival concluding the fasting of the month of Ramadhan)! HAPPY HANUKKAH! HAPPY KWANZAA! and if I missed any one HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

note these holiday references are in no particular order.

Anyway, I just wanted to wish all a merry season of celebration. So on this day of the 18th of December I've added lots of images! Most of them are from "Tom and Jerry: The Movie" with a few others thrown in the mix.

On a side note, this next couple of weeks are going to be hectic, so bewarned that I may not be able to answer emails in my usual timely manner. That's it for now, Have a Merry Holiday! I'm off to wait in line for "Fellowship of the Rings"! :-]

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