Posted: March 8, 2002

I sit; in front of my computer today, the 8th of March 2002; corrected and using poor grammatical structure in my sentence. I recieved an email yesterday correcting me on some information on the Japanese DVD's that I posted on January 29. Here's part of the email that I got:

I have the three sets, sp-3, sp-4, & sp-5. They are edited, mostly to remove blackface gags. They don't have all the edits that the Cartoon Network versions have, but they are not uncut. Some edits are done by the Cartoon Network for broadcast. These were not included on the dvd set. The cuts made by Turner, who owns or owned Tom and Jerry, were included. The Little Orphan, The Milky Waif, A Mouse in the House, Old Rockin' Chair Tom, Part Time Pal, and others are all cut. The Little Orphan has the same cut that the American dvd has. I've counted about 10 of them so far with edits(I haven't watched all of them yet).You can go to: to see a list of most of the edits made to Tom and Jerry, then compare them with the shorts on the Japanese set.

Thanks, Dan, for pointing that out to me!

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