Posted: March 27, 2002

I stand on my soapbox to do a little rant today, March 27, 2002.

As I was checking the news this morning, part of my daily routine, I found this article that angered me to the point of writing a rant. Here's a link to the article:,2933,48872,00.html

...on second thought, after writing my rant and reading it, looking it over, and thinking for a sec; I will not post it. I really don't want to unleash a firestorm. So I'll just say this. No cartoon will ever change my view of people or a people group. I'm old enough now to think for myself and form my own opinion. I agree with the Constitution..."We hold these truths to be selfevident, that ALL men(and women) are created EQUAL"...a cartoon is a cartoon, it's not real life. If something offends me on TV I use a little tool called a remote and change the channel. That's my rant, my opinion. I had more to say, but this is a family site. That and I didn't want to get any hate mail. :-]

I leave you with 2 questions to think about...Whatever happened to common sense? Whatever happened to parents talking to their kids about these types of issues? Ultimately, it's up to the parents, NOT TV execs, telling their kids what's appropriate and what's not.

Rome, gets off his soapbox.

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