Posted: June 28, 2002

I just remember today, the 28th of June, an email that was sent to me last week. A visitor from England sent me this email regarding the release of Tom and Jerry on VHS on July 8th:
Basically they are volumes 3 and 4, following on from the first 2 volumes that were released a few months ago.

Volume 3 contains the following episodes :

Cat Fishin', Part Time Pal, The Cat Concerto, Dr Jekyll and Mr Mouse, Salt Water Tabby, A Mouse in the House, An Invisible Mouse, Kitty Foiled, The Truce Hurts, Old Rockin' Chair Tom, Professor Tom.

Volume 4 contains :

Polka dot Puss, The Little Orphan, Hatch Up Your Troubles, Heavenly Puss, The Cat and the Hermouse, Love That Pup, Jerry's Diary, Tennis Chumps, Little Quacker, Saturday Evening Puss, Texas Tom.

You can see the cover artwork and get all the details from

Thanks Dean for the info.

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