Posted: July 23, 2002

July 23, Rome returns to his soapbox and addresses his visiters:

First off, sorry for the lack of updates, life is been pretty busy for me on a personal level with family stuff and buying a new home, but I am working on getting some new things up.

Anyway, on to why I have gotten on my soap box again. I love listening to internet radio, however, this fledgling industry is in trouble! In a nut shell, legislation was passed that will affectivly kill internet radio based on royalty payments that would bankrupt the broadcasters.

How can you help? Go here: Save Internet Radio and write to Congress! Why should you do this? Because most radio stations are awful, playing the same music over and over again. No originalitly, annoying djs, dumb commercials, and music that is just not good. Granted there are good stations out there and some good music out there, but the good stuff hardly gets airplay thanks to the Corporate machine. Plus there is NO variety and most of the music that I like isn't even played on the radio. Anyway, before I go into an endless tirade about this, I will stop. After all, this is a Tom and Jerry site, not an editorial site :-]

Please support the cause of saving internet radio!

Rome steps off his soap box to get things for the next update.

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