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Posted: January 04, 2009

Greetings this 4th day of the New Year! Well, things have been really quite around Tom and Jerry Online these past few months. My excuse is that my life has been in a bit of upheaval since about July. Without going into too much personal detail, honestly you came here for Tom and Jerry not to hear about my life :-], my wife and I sold our condo, moved into rental property and now in the next few days moving into our house that we bought. All happening in the last 6 months on top of a job switch, so I've not been giving Tom and Jerry Online the attention it deserves. Hopefully, in February I can start getting into a regular routine again with this site and get more updates and news happening.

Speaking of February, Tom and Jerry Tales vol 6 gets released on the 3rd of Feb! Check it out:

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