Happy Fathers Day!

Posted: June 21, 2009

It's Father's Day and the first day of summer! YAY! So on this joyous occasion I've made a little update, more of an addition if you will. I've added sounds from "Hic-cup Pup". I thought it fitting since Spike's a dad that is really looking after his boy, caring for him and protecting him. Really deep stuff in a cartoon if you think about it for a while. Buy I digress. Enjoy the sounds, they are on page 2 of the sounds library.

In other news, all's still quite on the proposed Tom and Jerry MMO and on the live action movie. There has been little news that I've seen or heard about, but I'll keep looking.

Also, this Tuesday brings us the release of the Chuck Jones era collection:

And those that were boggled by the release of Tom and Jerry's Greatest Chases Vol 2, here's another head scratcher: Tom and Jerry's Greatest Chases Vol 3.

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