What happened to the summer!?

Posted: September 03, 2009

It still boggles the mind that it's September 3rd. The summer seemed to have flown by. Speaking of time flying, it's been about a month since list I updated.

This month's update is a good on. I have uploaded about 20 sound files! That's a lot! I got sound bytes for you from "Little Runaway" (sounds page 2), The Framed Cat, The Duck Doctor (sounds page 4).

Also I've added 2 new links to the links section: Our friends over at shorToons have a Twitter account, so you if you want to follow them go here: . Also for some nifty games, though none Tom and Jerry related, check out Nickelodeon’s 3d Games.

I've been hunting around for information to the rumored Tom and Jerry movie that is supposedly in the works, but information is non-existent. If I hear anything I'll be sure to post that information.

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