Springtime for Rome

Posted: March 08, 2010

A March 8th, spring is just around the corner!

So the updates are pretty much nonexistent to the site. For that I blame my insane work schedule. I've not had real time to devote to anything in my life, let alone this site. This seem to be clearing up a bit to allow me some more free time and I hope to have some new things on the...he's hoping.

Anyway, you are not interested in hearing my complain of my lack of time, you are here for some Tom and Jerry! Now, news on anything is sparse. Aside from a small announcement a year ago in Variety there has been no more mention of the live action with CG Tom and Jerry movie. So until I hear otherwise I consider that vaporware. What is not vapor is this news of Tom and Jerry Tales on DVD. The Complete first season will be available April 13, you can pre-order it down below:

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