So I've been in the process of updating the Episode guide. I've got it pretty much up to date, however, the Tom and Jerry Kids guide is still lacking. Not much info out there as collectively I think we all want that show to disappear. I will still be working on the guide though, fine tuning and such. I would also like to thank those that have helped with the guide and caught glaring errors. My Thanks!

Also, I resized ALL the thumbnails in the picture gallery and in the model sheet gallery. After spending a couple of days on those two galleries, I realized that I may need to spend more time there and do some more organizing. Not sure I want to tackle that mountain just yet.

I plan on having the review of Tom and Jerry Around the World up sometime this week. My daughter had a nasty bout with a cold that she is finally over so I can focus on other things. Stat tuned!

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