Confession time...I have really neglected Tom and Jerry Online. My only excuses is time. I've had very little time to devote to Tom and Jerry and honestly there hasn't been much new news out there so I distracted myself with other activities. In doing so I missed several new DVD releases which I will direct you below:

Most of these look like more double-dips in the themed DVD releases, nothing too exciting. Tom and Jerry's Giant Adventure is a new movie that seems to be about Jack and the Beanstalk. *Groan* I'm surprised that there hasn't been one with our favorite duo in Wonderland. I wish that these direct-to-video Tom and Jerry movies were a bit more inspired instead of insipid.

The good the Gold Collection Volume 2 was that there was such an outcry from fans about it's lack of Mouse Cleaning that the release date has been bumped to later this year. No confirmation on a street date, but it looks like WB listened to the fans on this one....hopefully. I will reserved judgement until I hold the discs in hand.

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