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Posted: August 07, 2013

Happy August!

For fans of Scott Bradley's music genius and you are out in England or can get BBC4 you are in for a tree. Long time Tom and Jerry Online Scott Bradley expert, P. Morris has sent a bit of news about what he's been working on:

The first is that I have arranged a collection of Bradley's music from various T&J cartoons into a single composition and it will be performed at the BBC Proms this year. The Proms are the UK's premier classical music concert series and so I'm thrilled that I have got a slot.

I've been working with John Wilson, who is a specialist in film music and musicals, particularly for MGM, and his orchestra will be playing the piece, currently called "Tom and Jerry at MGM" at the Royal Albert Hall on 26th August. It will be broadcast on BBC radio and will be televised the following weekend – 30th August on BBC4.

We're still sorting out the final details but it's been a labour of love getting the scores together (with the help of the University of Southern California) and we're just dusting off the final details at the moment. However, I couldn't wait to tell you.

The second piece of news is that there is a book coming out - "Sounding Funny", edited by Mark Evans. I've written a chapter on the music for The Cat Concerto. It's a detailed case study of how the music works and how Scott Bradley managed to get a funny score out of what was originally a serious classical piece. The book isn't out until January 2014 but I might as well let you know now, while I'm writing.

Show your support by listening in to the broadcast or watch it the following weekend!

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