Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted: November 28, 2013

Okay, so it's been a while since I've done anything with Tom and Jerry. It's the story of my life, I'm just way too busy with life at the moment and there really isn't much happening in the world of Tom and Jerry so it's hard to keep up with the site.

However, I've decided that the image gallery has been neglected so look for some new images coming soon, in fact I've added about 10 images today and hope to have a few more posted.

Speaking of images, I went through my archives of Tom and Jerry images and I just can't remember what I've put up on what I've not. As it stands, the picture gallery alone has over 800 images. I think in the next few months or so I'm going to go through my archives, go through the site and really organize the imagery. I don't know what the means just yet, but it something that I should have done a while ago. Part of the organization, I think, will include matching my gallery with my Pinterst boards.

Hope everyone has a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving!

The Little Orphan

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