Happy 76th Birthday Tom and Jerry!!

Posted: February 09, 2016

I'm a day early, but I just couldn't wait to celebrate Tom and Jerry's birthday; which is February 10. So as promised earlier this week on the Facebook page, I've uploaded some more images. Actually I uploaded a lot of images, 236 to be exact! There may be some duplicates with what is already in the gallery, but that is to be expected with a picture gallery that has 1,337 images.

Not only did the picture gallery get an update, but I also added 3 new wallpapers for desktop and mobile screens!

In other news, I was going to do a few minor "under the hood" updates to Tom and Jerry Online, but as I dug into the code a bit I discovered what a real mess the code base. So, you know what that means...I'm going to be redesigning this site. It might be a major one this time with new additions and hopefully better accessibility. Stay tuned!

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