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Posted: October 27, 2017

Tom and Jerry

Sigh's come to this. You may have noticed that the last time I updated this fan site was almost 2 years ago -- still waiting on the Tom & Jerry Plushy to review by the way (see below) -- and a LOT has happened since then. Child #2 arrived and what little time I had left disappeared completely. As a result, I started neglecting this site, not because I don't love Tom & Jerry, but I couldn't keep up with updates. Nor could I keep up with the ever increasing competition, looking at your Wikipedia!

When I started this site back in 1998, yes almost 20 years ago, there where only 2 other Tom and Jerry sites on the Information Super Highway now known as a Series of Tubes. Since then, Tom and Jerry Online grew and became a premiere source for all things Tom and Jerry. Then the landscape on the internet changed, more Tom and Jerry fans appeared and started their own sites, which is awesome!, and more resources became available, more movies and cartoons arrived. The internet grew and so did the amount of stuff online for Tom and Jerry.

So, where does that leave me, boo-hoo not as popular anymore. means that I need to reevaluate the nature of this site. There was a time when I would post news and sneak peaks, but now that Warner Brothers is promoting Tom and Jerry my little corner of the interwebs is not need as much. I've been thinking, what to do with this site and I'm still keeping it up. I will update parts when I can because this site has been a labor of love for 20 years (still can't believe it's been that long). I'll be redesigning the site in the next few months, hopefully, with more of a focus of integrating Facebook and Twitter where I'm most active. One of the best parts about this site was interacting with Tom and Jerry fans all over the world and I want to continue doing that. Not sure how well the Facebook interactions will go since Facebook is changing things with Pages; but there is always that dumpster fire that is Twitter.

Look for some changes happening to this site in the next few months and follow along with the rest of the fans on Twitter and Facebook.

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